"Hang Haiwang sail" evaluation: classic yet innovative gameplay

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Text / Cimmeria

<< >> Hang Haiwang sail by Japanese Toei Animation official authorization, anime << Hang Haiwang >> (ONE PIECE, also known as the One Piece adaptation, DeNA China and Bandai Namco jointly developed a hand tour game in Since the beginning of this year on the line, the results have been quite good. And recently, the operation will be a large-scale version of the update, joined the team a copy of the inter-service war, the ship's surgeon, and so the new system, the continuous development iterations on this point seem quite sincerity.


First, as a Piece by the << >> such well-known comic adaptation of IP hand travel, games on the roles and scenarios to restore the original shape done quite a place. This made the screen with a fresh style of cartoon style, Meng Department characters design, three-body proportions stay the way it is very adorable gallop game opening an animation is also quite beautiful, Piece Roger's classic quotations appear on the screen again, and then is Luffy and Shanks in a touching story, whether it is the story or character modeling and animation are the same, creating a good atmosphere. Then enter the game, the game's UI design is simple, unified style. It is worth saying that, when the role of interface to view the characters, different People also exclusive pure Japanese dub, the battle against sound quite with a sense. This made the overall sell first impression is quite good.

In the battle system, use this as a cross-screen action cards are played, the accumulation of energy bar is full you can release skills, rubber guns, thirty-six trouble wind, kill gunpowder star, and so familiar moves again demonstrated in front of the player. In battle, players can battle a total of five roles, different roles of active skills also have focused on some of the major focuses AOE some are single, there are some skills that came dizziness, frozen, and so control the effect, you can break the opponent's magic. This will require a copy of the player depending on the activity level and mix and match while in combat players can also use the system to support gun battle, guns can be fired solid rounds, medical kits, gas bombs, stun grenades and so different effect of shells, in a battle in which players can carry three different shells similar, at the right time to use can reverse the situation. Compared to the same type of game, the combination of guns and troops can form a variety of tactics, greatly enriched the gameplay.

In the play, in addition to the usual main copy of the game there are a wealth of activities and tasks to develop play. In addition to the more common arena, climbing tower outside, this for the 'trial' relatively unique gameplay. Players can pick their strongest card to participate in a trial, select the appropriate talent line, then select random team or friends team to start the game. Despite relatively random team luck, buddy team this play 5V5 quite interesting, if there are several small partners to play together, we began to discuss their culture hero a good position, so obviously the odds of winning will be higher, and friends team get rewards more lucrative than random match.

In the recent arrival of the version update, the inter-service war is undoubtedly the biggest bright spot, but because the relationship is currently only one testing services, this play being there is no open, specifically how the rules have to wait after the beta, while the Another large guild system update is newly added team a copy of the league, the players involved in the alliance fighting to get a copy of contribution value, the stronger the more combat power to obtain, and guild comrades cooperation competition quite interesting.

In short, this made the overall quality can be quite brisk, although with a more mainstream cross-screen action cards are played, but adding a variety of unique elements of elegance, like the pirates of players can come quickly on board.

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