Tourist Hotel: Three quarterly market shares advent recommended 6

Updated: October 19, 2015  Views: 37

Report Highlights This Week's core ideas and investment advice from this week entered the intensive three quarterly publication period, according to the 17 listed companies to disclose performance forecast of view: only the East China Sea A, Beijing culture, diet and Xi'an Century Cruise performance year on year decline, Most companies have recorded a net profit growth of more than 30%, of which Julius Caesar tourism due to acquisitions Sheng performance with increased more than 10 times, Huatian Hotel, Guilin and Yunnan tourism net profit also more than 200% increase last year. Meanwhile, We also note that most of the pre-growth companies are due to mergers and acquisitions, investment income, due to the disposal of the assets is not driven by organic growth. We remain overseas travel, duty-free high boom, scenic optimistic, hotel and catering under pressure judgment, setting aside the report on the growth of mining companies with real growth potential: this week on behalf of corporate Caesar recommended outbound tourism, UTS tourism, roots 'tourism and leisure + culture and entertainment' segments of the Song Dynasty arts and scenic places successfully copied CYTS.

We recommend long-term grasp three main lines layout: (1 underestimate the value of blue chip stocks, recommended the ancient North Township CYTS successful replication offsite and benefit from duty-free industry continues to grow, the anti-seasonal shopping season Sanya China International Travel Service, (2 deterministic high-growth stocks recommended outbound wholesale leader, to build an integrated service platform exit UTS tourism and completion of the acquisition of Caesar tourism, (3 thematic investment opportunities, SOE reform recommended stocks Jinling Hotel, the first trip to the hotel, the Disney concept stocks Jinjiang shares.

Last week market review 周中信 tourism sector catering and tourism index rose 9.03 percent, respectively, outperforming the Shanghai Composite Index 2.49 percentage points and 3.22 percentage points, according to Citic industry classification, last week, catering and tourism sector ranked second of Price chart eleven, the stocks, the top three stocks rose last week were the East China Sea A (22.06%, Tibet tourism (20.24% and China United Travel (18.58%, the smallest increase in the non-suspension of the company's shares were Changbai (3.45% Huatian Hotel (4.95% and Huangshan Tourism (5.07%.

Last week, industry data updated in September-star hotel average occupancy rate increased, the average price continued to decline. Oct. 15 China Tourist Hotels Association announced September national sample data-star hotels, the average occupancy rate was 59.5%, up lifting 2.68%, the average price down 2.88% to 371 yuan / room.

Last week, important industry news Overview Development and Reform Commission issued a document, scenic spots, areas of price violations outstanding, Ali travel into a strategic cooperation with micro-Bardon push 'Dragonfly off' tourism products, Chinese market growth rate of over 50%, international cruise continues, 'wide grain' fingertip increased passenger travel, travel services mobile client downloads increased eight times a year, Hainan Airlines will begin flights canceled international agency fees next year, India continues to simplify visa policy for Chinese tourists Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.