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With high-profile announcement will push << >> Batman series of new works and received numerous flash favor large T Agency (Telltale recently and can not idle, according to the latest official news, its another popular game - I << World: story mode >> Chapter V will follow, on July 29 landing PC, the host platform and mobile terminals.

my world

According to the introduction Telltale aspects of this upcoming fifth chapter story mode will continue to play a leading role by Jesse, and the title 'Order Up' (Chinese tentative name: marched to the battlefield also indicates that development of the next tale, the protagonist a pedestrian and Witherstorm (the final battle between the dying storm broke. of course, in addition to the story itself, has played in the Lord of the Rings << >> series had an important role as Sean Astin will be oriented vocals, this makes for even more star-studded.

But so-called plan changes quickly, just as the player intends to Chapter hot story when, Telltale has said will be at the end of 'dying storm' of the war, the introduction of a new map 'Laputa', and this 'sudden 'the adventure will be divided into three chapters launched in the year 2016, players know the truth have said,' said the good end of it? hard to detect, all routine ah!. 'in this regard, Xiao Bian just want to say' < <my world: story mode >> not add some new content, I take what the big T agency business is profitable or not, what's the difference with salted fish '??.

Also, with the players to note is that the planned launch of the new trilogy will be 'existing additional game content,' which is in the form of DLC Release loved. That is the players want to experience new adventures, it must be << I have at least the world: story mode >> the first section so if you want to play the game enjoyment, hundreds of ocean is essential so dear players, ready to bill yet. ?

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Traditional Chinese: 《我的世界:故事模式》第五章3月29日發布