Sony battles hand travel market, mainly for the Japanese and Asian markets

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March 27, according to foreign media reports, Sony has announced that will keep up with rival Nintendo pace to enter the fast-growing smart phone game market, began to focus on Apple iPhone and Google (microblogging) Android build games.

Sony battles hand travel market, mainly for the Japanese and Asian markets

This also makes Sony's game to fill their product line blank to expand beyond gaming PlayStation Asian users are increasingly keen to spend their leisure time through the game on your smartphone, but no longer as willing to spend a lot of time on TV on playing games.

This situation is particularly prominent in Japan, as the country as many office workers rely on suburban commuter tool. According to the data of Japan Computer Entertainment Association (Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association), the smart phone game revenue reached 473 billion yen in 2014 ( US $ 4.21 billion), more than 373 billion yen host video game market.

Sony said it will be the first mobile games in Japan and other Asian countries listed, then it is possible to push the rest of the world market. The company said its subsidiary responsible for PlayStation business, Sony Computer Entertainment will set up a special department ForwardWorks, Chiral travel R & D and distribution.

When asked about the release of first hand travel time and whether it will be charged for downloading games, Sony Computer Entertainment spokesman declined to give further details .ForwardWorks will be headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and Asia by the PlayStation business leader Morita thick (Atsushi Morita) leader. thick Morita of Sony co-founder Akio Morita, the late (Akio Morita) nephew.

Most since November 2013 release has sold more than 36 million units, beating the host Nintendo Wii U and Microsoft's Xbox One host analysts say, North America and Europe accounted for sales of Sony's flagship PlayStation 4 games from the host , while the Japanese domestic market is relatively backward.

Sony spokesman said: 'We have this new program will focus on the Japanese and Asian markets, as compared with other markets, especially the huge hand travel market share in these regions.'

In terms of whether or not to launch mobile games, Nintendo is struggling for many years, the reason that the company launched fear will undermine sales of its mobile game consoles as well as the corresponding software. However, in 2015, Nintendo has finally taken this step, in the last week Japan launched the first smart phone game < >.

According to Nintendo, it said < > Downloads in the first three days after the release has reached a record of more than 1 million times. The company plans later this month will be the game to the US and Europe. Nintendo before March 2017 will introduced four smartphone games, but has not disclosed whether these games include super Mario << >> and other signs of game.

Sony recently released the news is not the company's first foray into mobile games market. In early 2011, Sony introduced the PlayStation Suite, later renamed PlayStation Mobile, which allows video game developers for the handheld PlayStation Vita and certain other Android smart phones to create games, failing to attract a large number of users, the service was shut down last year.

? BGC Partners investment bank head of Japanese equities Amir Ansar Wade (Amir Anvarzadeh) believe that Sony's latest move may not result in any significant contribution to the company's profits, but to win investor support Ansar Wade said: 'With or without hand travel content, Sony will be very good.'

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