27 years old from Shandong Province hen vaccine invalid event

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A 27-year-old chicken these days occupied the major focus of the network media. Only live the life of the human equivalent of 300 years old hen of course worthy of attention, but the small 6 believes that with the current social affairs, revealed behind some information out, more worthy to product Tut.

Chicken born under the red flag, long in the new China, the original destiny was to be slaughtered into the old chicken soup pot, knows actually living longer and smoother, but also transformed when the 'red network' over time. In contrast to our people, single-minded want to live through the thousand years tortoise turtle, can live like playing Minesweeper, everywhere 'surprise': you today to a tainted milk tomorrow to a waste oil, recently out of a vaccine ineffective, can not make people peace of mind to a second child now?!

Yes, you've seen, today 6 to be small talk, that is, 'Shandong vaccine case' that it exists thing!

According to reliable sources, the accident are two types of vaccine, ie for the children or the parents voluntarily injected himself, such as varicella vaccine, rabies vaccine, and so came before the 'poison vaccine' argument, know the truth belongs to rumors: vaccine only valid and invalid points, does not turn into with toxic and hazardous vaccine is ineffective: the probability of the risk of infection due to lack of vaccines due to increased side effects and probability.

Asked the Government to conduct a thorough investigation in the end in serious, punish the responsible person, and improve vaccine management system at the same time, we should also actively to face it, small 6 here collected some practical knowledge, I believe can help to you.

1, prevention and treatment of the same disease, there is a class II Miao Miao two options when a class is selected seedlings.

2, not on the high nearby, when vaccination, try to go to regular medical institutions above the county level.

3, prior to inoculation, ask to see the packaging, carefully check whether opened, expiry date, production batch number, serial number are complete, there is a lack of refuse vaccination, read the box away.

4, to develop two types of vaccine each dose to the staff request box habits, each vaccine has a unique electronic monitoring code, on the packaging, it is equivalent to the identity card, which you can use online or SMS found this vaccine manufacturer, date of manufacture and distribution channels, for example, you are in Guangdong vaccination, the vaccine was found to be the branch in Shandong Province CDC issued, then the vaccine is obviously illegal.

5, various types of conditional active vaccination vaccine, prevention is better than cure, provided that an effective vaccine.

Fang process again cited the views of the Shandong vaccine case:

'Shandong vaccine case shall such treatment: unscrupulous traders and responsible people should be severely punished, the vaccine should be recovered, have been vaccinated according to the situation to replant the vaccination according to the vaccination program, do not be afraid of the vaccine should be promoted. monitoring bottle label (VVM system, which is a vaccine vials attached to the thermal stickers, heated to a certain time (37 degrees environment as short as two days or as long as 30 days to complete color description vaccine failure. '

Finally, I sincerely pray that our nation not to have this happen - we do not expect to have a 'sea chicken' as long longevity, but for their own children, we have a responsibility to protect their healthy growth, no longer subject to man-made disasters the harm!

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