Dare to drink it? Bethesda push "Fallout 4" blue "Nuka-Cola"

Updated: October 10, 2015  Views: 229

Following the announcement in the UK issued in cooperation with Carlsberg beer >> << radiation 4, Bethesda today announced that it will re-release the game in the famous element 'Nuka-Cola' peripheral drinks.

Bethesda Fallout 4 >> << push blue 'Nuka-Cola'

It is reported that this Nuka-Cola soft drink manufacturers with Jones Soda Group to release, adding a blue phosphor, November 10 Target stores sold limited.

The official taste of this product has not been announced, but according to the game settings, including standard nuclear Cola soda, 17 kinds of fruits and radioactive elements, taste like carbohydrates, coffee, pomegranate.

Earlier cooperation with Carlsberg launched the 'radiation' beer

Carlsberg UK release of 'radiation' beer containing 4 percent alcohol, snake horse grass taste, slightly floral, capacity 330 ml bottle, the British Amazon on sale Nov. 5.

<< Radiation 4 >> November 10 release the international version, on sale November 11 Chinese version (Source: Star homeless Editor: kaiko

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Traditional Chinese: 敢喝麽? Bethesda推《輻射4》藍色“核子可樂”