Not old goddess! The actress from when you know them so long!

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Time goes by, youthful appearances, this is the same natural laws. But in entertainment, there are some female stars, the years failed to leave a mark on them, but to make beautiful and constantly precipitation, more brilliant, become entertainment the old myth is not. today we will take you count those who do not know them from the old goddess appearance has remained the same in the beginning.

Natalie is not worthy of the old goddess is not old goddess inventory today the oldest one. Natalie debut 40 years, created countless classic image, including the well-known 1980 classic << >> on the beach in the gentle lovestruck Feng Cheng Cheng, and the classic drama of God << >> the legend of white Snake dignified and generous, gentle and noble white lady. November 15, 2015, 61-year-old Natalie birthday, she appeared as a guest for a charity concert, dressed in white skirt dress, smile, charming, brilliant, although over 60 years, but compared with the year Feng Cheng Cheng and the white Snake, she seems to look like the original, is still beauty, popularity unabated.

From 1973 to attend the first 'Miss Hong Kong' campaign, to now become the idol of thousands of fans, has in the past forty years, Natalie still is so gentle and considerate, elegant, and even more polished after time but full of flavor.

[Span> Liu's age and appearance has been a favorite topic of the media, Liu is China sign film character, she worked in the 1995 edition << >> Wu Zetian played by teenage girls to 80-year-old age the Queen, acting superb. [/ span]

[Span> 2000, due to tax evasion Liu's prison. Life is not difficult to overthrow Liu Xiaoqing, after his release, she is still active in the screen in 2014, Liu wore nearly 60 years old in the Sui and Tang Heroes 3 <<> > plays 16-year-old girl, and smaller than their 21-year-old Zheng Guolin staged enduring love. [/ span]

[Span> a Japanese variety show she will be named as 'Chinese Beauty strongest witch.' July 2015, 60-year-old Liu is << >> FHM magazine cover large areas, the oldest fashion cover girl. Picture , she was wearing a tight black dress sexy low-cut appearance, graceful figure do not lose the young actress, people envy. [/ span]

[Span> In recent years, Gong Li gradually fade out of sight, but in 2016, thirty-one << >> Journey of boned vision of the audience let her return again in the movie played by Gong Li Skeleton Demon glamorous to the extreme, overbearing so you can hardly imagine such a glamorous woman, starred in the movie 50 years old. [/ span]

[Span> 1987 years, Gong Li starred in Zhang Yimou's Red Sorghum >> << film, popular night, would then began his stardom in 2006, again in collaboration with Zhang Yimou, Gong Li, in << Curse of the Golden Flower> > plays 'the Queen', the cause and scale new heights, and Hollywood. [/ span]

[Span> Today's Gong Li, compared with the current year, or as beautiful, or as elegant. Years without leaving much trace on her hand, making her charm more than ever. [/ Span]

[Span> and Gong Li, as this year has been 51 years old Carina Lau in Hong Kong entertainment industry hard for thirty years, has witnessed the rise and fall Carina Lau Hong Kong-style movie, a lot of the year with her famous actress have gradually fallen, faded from public line of sight, but still maintained Carina considerable popularity. [/ span]

[Span> recall that, in the Carina Lau << >> Being Wild, sexy charm, the << SUCCESS >> Carina Lau, full of British Gas, today's Carina Lau, though older, but diminished beautiful, tall not only did not lose shape, and even more plump, quite charm. time flowing, all experienced Carina are slowly settling, achievements and years together now more mature beauty Carina Lau. [/ span]

[Span> for their beauty, Carina Lau said: 'Beauty is a lifetime to run my face can not always be young, but the young mind is I've been keeping!.' [/ Span]

[Span> not old goddess, Vivian is also a 60 after 1988, Vivian entertainment debut as a radio DJ, the same year starred in three of the world >> << debut, and won the Award for the 'most promising newcomer Award 'nomination. after Vivian round development aspect to singer and actor, dubbed' Lady Master 'until 1997 fade out the entertainment. [/ span]


[Span> as the entertainment famous talented woman, Annie was born in 1969, is a Taiwanese singer and actress. In 1988, Annie with a nineteen year old the last day << >> popular in 1995, with the movie << good men, good women >> get the 32nd Taiwan Golden Horse best actress nomination. [/ span]

[Span> after talented Annie also published too many books. Debut for many years, whether face or love, Annie is not the old myth created after the Harlem divorce in 2015 and she's 10 years younger than their married Qin Hao in early 2016, Annie announced the news of pregnancy, pregnant women become 47 years old. [/ span]

[Span> Recently, Annie drying out your pregnant belly, dressed casual, like girls, netizens have a message: so happy! [/ Span]

[Span> singing sweet smile affinity, can you imagine to have such a song and a smile Yang Yuying already 45 years old yet? Yangyuying 1990 debut, becoming the first generation of Chinese mainland signed singer in the 1990s popular north and south, a milestone for the development of Chinese pop music, known as 'Sweet song Queen'. [/ span]

[Span> 1997, the Yang Yuying announced Danchugetan, after singing activity gradually reduce. December 22, 2011, Mao Ning Yang Yuying and work together to participate in Shenzhen Satellite TV << >>'s show, and sang songs, officially started the first shot back . seen for many years, returned to the public eye in Yang Yuying still temperament, elegant and pure like girls. [/ span]

[Span> to reverse the growth of their own, Yang Yuying response 'Age should not be a burden, but rather increase the charm of magic'. [/ Span]

[Span> Joke now has 43-year-old in Hollywood fared burgeoned. Joke 1992 admitted to the Shanghai Theater Academy, until 2000 with the TV series Young Justice Bao << >> known to the audience. [/ Span]

[Span> In 2008, Li Bingbing star of Kung Fu King << >> enter the international film, in 2012, formally signed Hollywood brokerage firm. August 7, 2015, the sixth board Joke < > Magazine covers, showing her status as a fashion 'cover Queen', also confirms she is not old legend. [/ Span]

[Span> over forty Joke perfect body curves, skin firm, smooth and white, do not see her age. [/ Span]

[Span> 173cm tall stature and sweet smile, baby voice signs, with such fatal temptation Lin Chi-ling, although already 42 years old, but the face and body still as glamorous as the girls moving, ranked Taiwan's first beauty throne . [/ span]

[Span> From 2004 ads houses with brief bursts of 2016 synchronized sister >> << participate reality show, honed time, Lin Chi-ling is more mature than the past charming, vivid colors and moving. [/ Span]

[Span> Zhou Xun is not representative of the old goddess, her 42-year-old Lin Chi-ling bigger than a month. In 1991, Zhou Xun had his debut and took the first movie << >> tombs shortage Lent. [ / span]

[Span> 18 years, Zhou Xun with the movie << Painted >> various awards to get soft, when she took over from the hands of teacher director Xie Tieli trophy when two frustrating, moved to tears. In 2014, Zhou Xun filming TV series >> << red sorghum, already 40 years old, she plays 19-year-old girl alone there is no sense of violation and nine children. [/ span]

[Span> Zhou Xun is not the old legend not only in her skin and body, more is revealed in her lively and agile, emotional and romantic character. [/ Span]

[Span> Amy is every woman's nature, whether it is a star or ordinary people, want to keep the young face, requires more than just skin care products, more still needs one not old heart. In this list almost all of them have experienced years of tough training, but they also have an optimistic and positive mind. [/ span]

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