"Neverwinter OL" 9.29 Hong Kong to serve the landing XB1

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<< Neverwinter OL >> 9.29 XB1 Hong Kong to serve the landing off a wave of Dungeons & Dragons

<< Neverwinter OL >> XBOX ONE state line version is the first masterpiece, is Dungeons & Dragons worldview Europe magical MMORPG, is a classic game Neverwinter Nights << >> the sequel. In the most classic Dungeons & Dragons One of the plot: Forgotten Realms MMORPG game as the background.

Games by magical art style, gorgeous action and skill effects, reproducing the traditional Western magical culture, game character modeling plastic rich role, fighting straightforward, absolutely loved Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG gamers and fans of the preferred game In the most massive Neverwinter storyline as a variety of Adventure mode and 13 huge world map, encourage players to assist each other, cooperate with each other in the face and won various unknown in a friendly, cooperative, courage adventure environment challenge.

<< Neverwinter ol >> to the Forgotten Realms as the background, the story took place in Neverwinter and its surrounding areas after (a catastrophic volcanic eruption in Howdy mountains near the city of Neverwinter Hotenow, this once proud city in ruins. Faced with greedy orcs, mutation of evil creatures, as well as various other unknown dangers, so the city must fight for themselves. Neverwinter Santo, who came from near Waterdeep nobility, has led the people to restore a small part of Neverwinter, and is planning to make Neverwinter show the former 'Pearl of the North,' the style again. At the same time, a strong named Wa Landa (Valindra undead witch demon has Neverwinter area classified as its own territory. In this context, the players shoulder the Forgotten Realms mission of a new generation of heroes to thwart the conspiracy of evil forces, so this piece of land for peace and prosperity to reproduce.

<< Neverwinter OL >> 9.29 XB1 Hong Kong to serve the landing off a wave of Dungeons & Dragons

Today ol >> << Neverwinter will be September 29 landing XBOX ONE Hong Kong to serve, then, you can download the Traditional Chinese version of Neverwinter ol >> << from Hong Kong to serve the store. At the same time, in September will be no winter States the first anniversary of the day the line, we will launch a large number of activities reserved gamers love.


For more information, please visit Sina microblogging: @ Perfect winter ol-Xbox

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Traditional Chinese: 《無冬OL》9.29登陸XB1港服