Please do not mind map as a universal tool!

Updated: March 27, 2016  Views: 33

Mind mapping is an effective mode of thinking, applied to memory, learning, thinking and other thinking 'map' is an effective tool for the expression pattern of thinking emitted thinking, simple but extremely effective in recent years by more people familiar with the life of study and work is also reflected in the role, but the mind map is not a panacea, nor easy to abuse.

Mind mapping is certainly effective, otherwise it would not be so so many people use it, love it, but be careful not to regard it as a universal tool to overestimate its value, and not to create psychological dependence, any problems have brought with reality, the mind map has been widely commercialized is hype, so it is easy to overestimate its value slightly below specific to talk about..:

First is that the advantages of the brain image: As its founder Tony Bazin stressed, mind mapping can be a powerful incentive for your association, inspired by a keyword more keywords, then rise to more ...... while the rich colors, the image of the icon, but also can play a role to stimulate thinking.

Another advantage is thinking of staging effect, when people think about things in a complicated time, many, many ideas will emerge, but human working memory (working memory capacity and is very limited, so if you do not have a good way to inspiration recorded, it is likely to soon slip away without a trace, while mind maps encourage you to use a flexible way to think of things are recorded, so most people finish a thinking mind map, often surprised at his own escape from the harvest so rich and diverse ideas.

However, from the point of view requires systems thinking mind mapping is not a very ideal tool main reason is: Mind Mapping surface is a radioactive large network, but if the leaves are hanging down, you will find this is just a tree. but in reality, the system will not be just that simple tree structure, the structure of the system is very diverse, and some complex system is likely to be a combination of multiple basic structure will be very complicated. so, if everything with mind mapping, then we really are distorted and simplified the original system.

But also often found that many people have both the mind map as a starting point to think for themselves a problem, but also as an end. When the mind a complete picture, you think I have declared perfect, everything will be fine. Mind popular figure many people mistakenly think that such a system analysis is so simple, controllable process, it seems that as long as effortlessly able to analyze a complex problem to clear. it allows people to ignore the complexity of the system, the system underestimated enormity of thinking, and thus gradually formed the habit of thinking one kind of kick the tires.

So treat Mind Map The correct approach is: use it moderately, thinking it as one tool, but not all think in terms of the nature of primitive problems as a starting point and end point, the form of visual thinking should be in accordance with different issues. change the nature of freedom and creativity, not necessarily tied to mind map structure and style. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.