High degree of freedom in the world! 3D casual online games "Adventure Island 2" first test on April 18

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March 25 afternoon, UP2016 Tencent Interactive Entertainment Annual Conference (referred to as the UP conference in Beijing National Conference Centre, general manager of Tencent interactive entertainment products Huang Ling Dong cooperation with South Korea Nexon company vice president Li Masanori officially announced: << Adventure Island 2 >> dress, the first test is scheduled for April 18 stalls, and released the first national service dedicated to customize content 'Adventure of the Great Wall.'

Starting today, players can through the official website (mxd2.qq.com and official APP get test status. This means that China will become the hanbok beta after the first national open test, players do not need to wait too long to get into the << Adventure Island 2> >, and in my mind the most original 'adventure' again later.

Generation of youth classic memory blocks wind first 3D upgrade

12 years ago, swept the world casual games << >> Adventure Island turned out to be a youthful memories 80,90. >> << Adventure Island 2 is different from the original game style pixel 2D horizontal version, << Adventure Island 2 >> retaining the lovely Meng interesting style, based on a block to build a new 3D world, players are familiar with the mushrooms, snails and other classic setting, transforming itself into a 3D perspective.

In fact, long before the UP conference, Adventure Island 2 >> << have swept the 2015 Korea Game Awards 'Grand Prix' and 'Technical Creation Award' and other awards, continued reelection major Chinese media game 2016 New tour expect top of the table, Adventure Island 2 >> << national service will sail wake Island lost generation of youth memories.

Clothing DIY house free high degree of freedom squares Adventure World

According to Huang Ling Dong introduction, Adventure Island 2 >> << build a high degree of freedom in the world of adventure, the site's 'Hasty Adventures' video, showing him through to the << >> Adventure Island 2 adventure in paragraph 4 . 'Hasty' were playing soldiers, play music teacher, designer and architect, showing the high degree of freedom play the game.

DIY before the image is the classic role play, Adventure Island 2 >> << high degree of freedom DIY set extends to all aspects of the game, players can not only DIY role images and hairstyles, you can also upload photos of local fashion design at < <Adventure Island 2 >>, the maps are presented in block form, this freedom to build housing system is to meet the players in the game, 'build a house' dream.

In addition, players can play in addition to the classic adventure occupation 8, you can also 'part-time' guest designer for their design of a fashion evening dress, or playing musicians playing a 'youth practicing manual.' Over 10 more of casual games to add more fun to your leisure and adventure.

Dream into reality adventure around the mall project was officially launched

Adventure Island 2 >> << For the height of DIY features, Huang Ling Dong also released a good news, the 'virtual into reality - adventure around the mall.' Grand plan of players in the game Creation of good works, will have the opportunity in the real world produced, let your imagination a chance to become a real peripheral products Tencent game invites surrounding designers, partners, players added to this program to build the surrounding Chinese adventure gamers exclusive interactive experience community.

Custom maps Great Wall Adventure episode dress exclusive content continuously updated

Adventure Island 2 >> << national service will be the first test on April 18, and first published << >> Adventure Island 2 national costume custom map 'Adventure of the Great Wall.' According to reports, the development team will continue to follow South Korea for the country service tailored more exclusive content, which shows the importance of the Chinese players.

In Adventure Island 2 >> << officially announced the first national service profile determination on the occasion April 18, Adventure Island 2 >> << official website (mxd2.qq.com will be synchronized on-line, Adventure Island 2 >> << official APP also about on-line community. this APP is positioned as MapleStory players to bring more interesting social experience, to provide first-hand information >> << Adventure Island 2 and the linkage service. experience first test qualified players are most concerned about, through the << Adventure Island 2 >> official APP and official website released.

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Traditional Chinese: 高度自由世界!3D休閑網遊《冒險島2》4月18日首測