Loner monologue (in English double version)

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OF: in Art

English translation: wheat spikelets

Edit: Two pig farmers play

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I want to tell a nice story

I want to tell you a joyful story

Not to speak of the first sentence

but nothing come to my mouth

They cried out

tears burst out

I am sorry

I apologize


More than once every eye blink

the sky goes darker

Some darker the sky

after each time you blink my eyes

I heard time devouring monster

The sound is clear to be heard

Audible chewing

and it is so harsh and cold

Is harsh cold


My world windy

Wind conquered my world

Then it began to snow

and snow follows

I laugh and cry

tears and smiles exchange

Hunger, cold and warm satiety

hungry, full, warm, cold

Full of the moment thing

oh, it all happens in a minute


I can not drink

I do not need water

Drank all the water will come out from the eyes

cause it will all become tears



World tasted bitter

the whole world tastes bitter


I said

The rain drops fall down

The rain

as i say

Day came to a raindrop

In this lonely Kingdom

in this lonely kingdom

I'm my own king

I am the only king.

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