Huaneng Power generating 241 billion kwh the first three quarter, up by 8%

Updated: October 19, 2015  Views: 37

Panorama News Network October 19 hearing Huaneng Power International Disclosure (600011 Monday evening, three quarters of 2015, the company operating power plants in China consolidated basis totaled 241.003 billion kwh electricity, an increase of 8.05 percent, electricity sales totaled 2270.90 kwh, an increase of 7.72%.

When the 2015 third quarter, the company operating power plants in China average settlement price of 446.68 yuan Internet / MWh, down 1.48%.

Huaneng Power International said the company generating capacity growth came mainly from the contribution of new acquisitions last year and this year, part of a new production unit power plant generating capacity fell main reasons: First, China's economic growth slowed in the first three quarters of 2015, with the country's economic structure transformation in depth, the total electricity consumption growth rate down, the second is the number of power transmission from west to east UHV production, power generation space squeeze Henan, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong and other coastal areas of southeast thermal power units, The company in the region, the higher the proportion of thermal power by a greater degree of influence, three since the beginning of summer this year, cool temperatures, the cooling load is decreased, Fourth Liaoning, Fujian in 2014 large-scale release of all nuclear power plant capacity in 2015, 2015 Zhejiang, Fujian, the new machine production of nuclear power, the impact of the above-mentioned areas of thermal power generating capacity of the group. (Panorama Network / Liu Lei Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.