Huaxia Bank, Bank of China launched the first wristwatch

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Securities Times Online ( October 19 hearing

Huaxia Bank recently relying on Apple Watch (application features Apple Watch and launched to provide balance inquiries, network queries, information push and other financial services, thus became the first to launch a truly watch bank financial services.

With the development of electronic and communication technology, wearable devices will become the next profound impact on people's lifestyle industry, its popularity and applications will lead the new business innovation, wearable software application equipment is also becoming future financial development of the Internet The new direction Huaxia Bank said business is based on the future trends in this industry.

Huaxia Bank Electronic Banking Department official says, the traditional financial services combined with intelligent wearable device is a major highlight of the watch banks, Huaxia Bank layout is an important measure of smart wearable device field.

It is reported that the bank's operation is very easy to watch, customers simply add Huaxia Bank mobile banking APP, the binding device can be used. In addition, the Bank watches while providing customers from the customer's location to route network traffic navigation features, customers can also information push function receives Huaxia Bank's latest business presentation and marketing information, to facilitate customers to keep abreast of the latest developments in the bank.

Insiders pointed out that with the maturity of wearable technology and the increasing popularity of wearable devices, wearable devices will be motivated in the Internet era of the commanding heights of the financial sector is also a good time to further expand the territory. (Cattle Creek

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