How to win pretty? Attitude is everything!

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[Introduction] With the recent stock market hot, many investors have flocked, but they only see subjective wherein profits, ignoring a risk in this market was truly make money, but there are some playing with toys, then this Ming also summarizes some cause losses for the following reasons:

A little knowledge, underestimate the fickle market, but also overestimate their own called the little understanding.

Second, the operation is too frequent, the so-called do more mistakes, too frequent operation is the beginning of your loss.

Third, the teacher can not understand the various operational instructions, tacit understanding is not enough, execution is not enough.

Fourth, greed is human nature, always want to earn more points and more points, but the reverse is not just a wave of the hand did not profit, but also lose their capital.

Fifth, the gambler mentality, always thinking about the next one will win back once, but again and again loss warehouse explosion.

How to win pretty? Attitude is everything!

1, mild investors stuck, you can use out of some sort of relief rally or rallies to lighten up,

2, high hold investors can also be made part of rallies to lighten up the operation so that the next wave of the stock market which can take the initiative on the psychological and financial.

3, if the purchase price is in the neutral position, you can temporarily sidelines basis the situation, in order to leave some sort of relief rallies to lighten up or reduce losses.

4, if the purchase price is in the low, you do not rush to stop, do so after buying the currency fell to stabilize, an important support level at low dare to cover short positions, diluted cost, the next market will rebound high hold positions with rescued.

How to win pretty? Attitude is everything!

1, if the purchase price is in an upward trend, you do not stop, patiently holding for some time, is bound to get out of trouble, or even a larger profit possible.

2, if the purchase price is in the balance trend shock, do not immediately stop, patiently waiting to enter the currency shock cycle highs, once some sort of relief or loss of a very young age, should fruit

3, if the purchase price is in the downward trend, once confirmed the downward trend has been formed, it should immediately stop, never hesitate illusions any hesitation and hesitation, are likely to return depth stuck unable to extricate himself.

How to win pretty? Attitude is everything!

Perfect traders do not exist, to become a profitable trader is a never ending journey. Try to do better every day, while enjoying the process, threw himself into the study of technical analysis tools to improve their trading skills to profit or loss on a daily basis than the value of their own transactions too concerned.

Investment in the crude oil market, attitude is everything, have a successful trading psychology is certain to win fundamental. Novices enter the spot market crude oil investment, in addition to learning the basics of market knowledge and analysis, and grasp the basic method of operation outside the shaping successful trading psychology has more important ancient saying goes: Kung Fu in poetry in fact, in order to become victorious generals investment crude oil on the market, psychological factors are often critical.

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