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Paris early this morning on the Game Show Sony PlayStation conference finale on stage is the 'own home' Quantic Dream studio David Cage, the producer for a long time to wait for everyone to bring intelligence, officially recognized as the name of the new work << Detroit: I want adults >> (Detroit: Become Human, provisional translation, PS4 exclusive game.

Trailer combination from the name, it has been able to guess how much to reflect the content of some games << Detroit: I want to set the stage for adults >> Detroit is in the future, the protagonist of 'Kara' is a robot, with other Production robots are born to serve humanity, and one of the themes of the game is obviously the description under the future social conflicts and contradictions between robots and humans, the most common theme is science fiction, but I believe Quantic Dream studio will provide diverse of choice so that players can feel more different, which is what they are good at - Also worth mentioning is that the content of this promo is the reason the real machine effects studio a few years ago to demonstrate the PS3 limits function and the production of some images, we see that they are also ready a long time.

Mention Quantic Dream studio, naturally think of their previous works rainstorm << >> and << >> extraordinary twins, this hotel in Paris, France gaming company was founded in 1997, but until 2005 Release << phantom killer >> after gradually been known, their cinematic picture feature is the simulation images and more people choose to interact with the game system - the perfect combination of both in the PS3 << >> on the storm have been fully reflected, also is their most classic works.

>> << Storm after the launch on PS3, Quantic Dream studio and it has worked closely with Sony began, many said they would work to ensure exclusive PS system, that many people are accustomed to them as Sony's first party studio .PS4 born at the beginning, Quantic Dream also attended the conference early and make public a new trailer, but since then no news long after attending the E3 rainstorm just announced << >> and << >> extraordinary twins in engraved on PS4, this finally did not re-let the player down.

The current release date << >> Detroit game has not been announced, it is likely to come in the year 2016, when the PS4 will again add a exclusive masterpiece (Source: playing net Edit: kaiko Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 暴雨開發商新作登......