"I want to stand in the sun" - Taiyuan "Iron Man": Never give up!

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Hu Yongsheng these days a good appetite, eat a bowl of spaghetti. From this point of view, can be seen behind large eggs soft lumps. Our reporter Wang Ping / map

Each time getting up and lying down, will need careful.

Singapore's junior high school students came to settle back to see Hu Yongsheng.

You can clearly see the nail on the film.

Surgery a year ago, a happy family of three.

Hu Yongsheng, 33, from the age of 16, he was constantly being called a pheochromocytoma strange disease strikes, 17 years, 11 times major surgery, 12 times full course of chemotherapy, more than 500 body suture needles, body Place 7 titanium plate (including prostheses, 46 nails, multiple bone cement, from the jaw bone, cervical, thoracic to around the femoral head, can change the place have changed ......

Since this time he is been called 'Iron Man' Taiyuan guy, his story people looked distressed, leaving people born admire, and his optimistic attitude and the desire for a healthy life, but also let people have started action, or forwarding micro-channel, microblogging, or provide practical help, but so far he has not received medical institutions.

胡勇胜many miracles, but also the fate of blessing re-create the miracle of life do next? Self-proclaimed 'Iron Man', Taiyuan guy repeated a miracle of life

Hu Yongsheng, 33, from the age of 16, he was constantly being called a pheochromocytoma strange disease strikes, 17 years, 11 times major surgery, 12 times full course of chemotherapy, more than 500 body suture needles, body Place 7 titanium plate (including prostheses, 46 nails, multiple bone cement, from the jaw bone, cervical, thoracic to around the femoral head, can change the place have changed. When an operation last year, his side scapula are also transferred, but surgery often leads to very weak, coupled with surgery still need five hundred thousand yuan again, double body and economic reasons, so the family decided to first slowly, this slow, 胡勇胜's condition continued to deteriorate, hindbrain , clavicle, ribs after another illness, also sustained ankle pain, weight down to 35 kg once more. Because they do not fit to continue the surgery, he had at home possessor.

Today most of the time, Hu Yongsheng only lying in bed, but three meals a day, he must be up, with the walker walked into the parlor, and then with the help of his father, in a wheelchair, after dinner and then back to bed. 'Now we come down to earth sense of weight after cervical spine, lumbar spine particularly evident because the body has titanium plate, although they are not heavy, but I was particularly thin, nail again bones, muscles are fixed, so bring it when Push a strong sense of weight. '

Get up, shake it up a little bed father first, during which the gas 胡勇胜 screen, stretch the vigor carefully adjust the position of the various parts of his own body, each part can not move too much, otherwise it will hurt. 'Hide above head, hide arms in the middle, below hide pelvis, ankle Underneath there. pelvis also aligned dislocation of the missing will. 'Hu Yongsheng's father told reporters, before there was a dislocation of the thigh was the top plate out, according to go in and out, the child hurt bad, the result has experienced a general anesthesia surgery. 'Well, what crime has received the.'

Even lying down, 胡勇胜 also need to adjust the cushion pads in the buttocks from time to time, because there are too many nail him, he slept on the nail, it is difficult when you stand up every day, it will drum out a nail.

In the mother's eyes, Hu Yongsheng especially strong, particularly courageous, also particularly sensible 'people just need to learn a lifetime to walk, and his early childhood in addition to that, also learned four times: paralyzed, he stood up, sit wheelchair, the thought never get up, he continued to stand up, and then later, a wheelchair can not sit, can only lay in bed, he stood up, and the last of the femoral head to do the surgery, he also He was not able to stand up ...... generally strong, these are not all miracles? He is the 'Iron Man'. He done so much surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy during the rest never thought, really painful to die, before going to bed half-day, live 1989 colleagues do not know what his illness because the family burden is too heavy, you need to spend too many places. 'Speaking of these, 胡勇胜 mother's eyes thrown tears.

Help the community, hopes the network to find hope for recovery

So many years of pain, so many times the surgery, every time severe cases, 胡勇胜 have long felt was not an ordinary disease, but without telling his parents, he also chose not to ask, still to them every day After and smiled. Therefore the final from their parents confirmed his guess, he was very calm. In a detailed understanding of their condition, he soon decided to seek help through the network, he microblogging, micro letter about his years of experience, and the medical records over the years sent to the micro-Bo. He did not want to put on such a hard life for his parents to pay all dropped, let them not to follow the old. He wanted to live, alive and healthy, and with their own hands to the care of their own, return their aging parents.

His micro-channel, microblogging is a lot of forwards, friends, colleagues, classmates, even strangers, came to visit him, and to give whatever help the neighbor brought the bee products can reduce pain, Guizhou kind surnamed Li People send him 6 sacks medicine, so he tried to apply a dressing, because he had used Chinese medicine bath method to cure the cancer of his wife, a Beijing enthusiastic aunt played a lot of phone calls, urging him to trial, because she felt very good, a brother settled in Canada came back to see him, and gave him a gift, TCM Dr. Dong Taiyuan free domiciliary several times to reporters, he has been free for 13 with the traditional Chinese medicine ... ...

Everyone's concern and help, let 胡勇胜 moved, but also brought him a force with conviction, 'I must let myself be cured, to stand up, feel the sun again, back on the job.'

Despite the confidence and hope, Hu Yongsheng or do the worst, in his own micro-channel and microblogging have said, 'I hope the relevant medical experience and research in the suspected disease medical institutions can provide assistance and treatment, such as do not go In the end, I voluntarily medicine-related research for in vivo clinical trials, helping the medical treatment of cancer outcomes forward, who help patients reduce pain, prolong life! '

In this regard, 胡勇胜 mother outset and do not want to. 'As a mother, I really do not bear to let their children go when the test items.' But after his son again and again persuasion, she agreed. 'He had a one then made a phone call to the patients, not in, which also has a very young and I hope he will succeed, but also hope that more families to live a normal life, not life is tears and suffering. '

Behind the Smile, 'Iron Man' also has a vulnerable time

胡勇胜 classmates said, before school, he was always laughing and joking, now or feeling, especially the sun. 'Care anyone except him in case of such a thing, would have collapsed.' Indeed, 胡勇胜 to people feel very light, and his parents are very optimistic.

'My parents heart stronger than I am sick of these years, had never told me that was what was wrong, they bear a lot more than me, my family gave me continued to live the faith.' Hu Yongsheng said, 'My parents always bring tears and pain, if I did not feel good all day, worried, plus pain and how they had? Only I have a good attitude, there is a sun in the face, this is a full house, the house in order to live a normal life. '

Hu Yongsheng's mother lamenting her husband's attitude is affected by the influence of his son. 'So many years, life savings and borrow other people's money, it is that box records, films, and the tears and pain ......' But the sight of his son, They have no distress. 'He saw us happy, but also more strong enough to face the disease.'

Has steadfastly not abandon the treatment, in addition to health, the desire for life, as well as care for their parents. 'I was an only child, if I'll be gone, how do they?' After the 2005 surgery, Hu Yongsheng though they do not ask their parents, But guess what off also, so he lifted them more than once to have another child, but something has been 52 years old when his father, mother 49 years old, they did not consider his son's advice.

Hu Yongsheng said issue, the two old thought, but do not know how to do, 'delayed marriage and childbearing, family planning, we was also in response to the national call of activists, but who we think of natural disasters falls on him.' Said with, Hu Yongsheng's mother shook her head, 'do not want to come, and now we can serve him, a few years, we are too old dynamic, who waited on him? In case after he is gone, who will control us ...... Well, I can not mention. '

They also considered a child adopt a child, but the two over two thousand yuan a month pension expenses simply can not support the family, 'was the son of the medication, we have to fill the stomach, then how can the ability to raise a child ...... I now wear or son in junior high school when the clothes, collars are broken. 'Hu Yongsheng's mother sighed.

Most people see is Hu Yongsheng strong appearance, but also because of his parents smile and more optimistic, but at 10:00 the evening of October 8th micro letter, he wrote this passage:

I do not imagine the strong, but can not find a place to rest so that cowardly. I no longer wish to have fragile vulnerable, I would like to perfect powerful, willing my eyes always have hope, I would like to live as they want to look like. I face clear sky, nobody knows how to bite my teeth tight. I laugh heartless, nobody knows I can only cry silent tears. I had to work very hard to make people think I am effortlessly, can spend some own moving day, after all the years I would want to give it to me ......

Followed by 10:01, and wrote a sentence: do not do at this time of pain ......

Parents can not see these words, perhaps only here, he dared to safely cry of pain, unconsciously reveal their fragile and stubborn side. For parents, he must be strong, it must be upheld.

Miracle ah, could you willing to come again?

1998, 胡勇胜 was diagnosed with adrenal tumors, relapse in 2005, doctors began to suspect that the adrenal tumor of bone metastasis is feeling nervous or pheochromocytoma tumor, and ultimately defined as 'consistent with' adrenal pheochromocytoma, and thereafter before each surgery were diagnosed as 'consistent with' adrenal pheochromocytoma. Although being characterized, but in addition to sudden pain, no symptoms of any illness, Hu Yongsheng joked that he is 'asymptomatic cancer patients.'

Hu Yongsheng's condition is very rare at home and abroad, his case, check the images are a number of hospitals, academics copying, photographing, for scientific research, but until now no results.

'I am willing to fight in the end, but do not dare to close my hospital.' Then, Hu Yongsheng think of the network, Dr. Dong is a micro letter after seeing a Chinese medicine helping hand extended. Previously a long period of time, Hu Yongsheng taking painkillers every day drugs, anesthetics, hypnotics, side effects of drugs so that his appetite is poor, but also often vomiting before and after National Day, he stopped that three drugs, start taking the medicine Dr. Dong open, although it is still not high quality sleep, But appetite gradually improved, but also a wheelchair Previously, he was wearing the upper extremity to come down to earth with these changes allow a person to see the hope - perhaps 胡勇胜 Chinese medicine can cure disease?

When interviewed, the father took out a 胡勇胜 October 8 in Taiyuan Daily << >>, an article signed by Xinhua News Agency reporter De Wenzhang the newspaper: 'old' How fat 'shoots' - the report from the front line of Chinese medicine report, mentioned in the text of Lin Hongsheng, is Grandmaster oncology former director of the Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences, deputy director of the tumor, at present, the Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences Cancer Center is working with the US National Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine office to build the International Cancer Research TCM Union, trying to find a way through the modernization of the Chinese overcome cancer and prolong the life of the 'key.'

胡勇胜's father told reporters that his son went to Grandmaster seen one disease, is linked to Lin Hongsheng number. 'We have been looking for specialized cancer research medical institutions and doctors, Lin Hongsheng and her agency just do related issues, affirmed the need for clinical trials, we can become the sample that they need. 'His idea is that if and on Lin Hongsheng contact, may be able to cure his son, even if not cure, but also willing to living donors to the state, so that the State to study, to overcome cancer. 'We Shanxi Chinese medicine can make his son's situation improved, the state-level experts we are more confident.' He repeatedly stressed that the conditions for the study son good attitude is also very good, 'Before, every time a miracle, if the test on him, there will be a breakthrough.'

'As long as there are medical institutions and doctors willing to help me, I am willing to try.' Hu Yongsheng also said.

'Never give up!' Is Hu Yongsheng micro-signed the letter. Translated into Chinese is 'Never give up!' This sentence allows us to see 'Iron Man,' the courage and confidence, let us also look forward to a miracle again, as Hu Yongsheng prayer.

Our reporter Wang Pingwen / map


Special difficulties for family planning family support policies which country?

For 胡勇胜 and his parents concern? - If Hu Yongsheng future is gone, his parents how to do October 16, a staff member of Shanxi Development Planning Department of Health and Family Planning Commission on the issue raised by reporters to give replies.

For a special family planning policy to support needy families, national, provincial and municipal are related, and support efforts to increase year by year. This year the province has attained the age of 49 years old woman-child disability, death metal special support family couples standards were increased to 400 yuan per month, 500 yuan per person, while in 2014 the special assistance gold standard 270 yuan per person per month, 340 yuan.

In addition, for the death of the one-child family provincial, city and county to give not less than 5,000 yuan a one-time grant, after the special difficulties of family planning of family members who died cremation, in line with the policy conditions, exempt basic funeral service fee. hold 'special difficulties in Shanxi support family planning certificate' Taiyuan residents, medical treatment may be given priority handling registration, payment, laboratory, dispensary, hospital and other procedures, and general out-patient checkups free of charge, in the territorial hospital reimbursement there is an appropriate increase in holidays, the relevant departments will visit condolences to families with special difficulties, understand their problems and needs, to give life care and spiritual consolation.

Our reporter Wang Ping

What is pheochromocytoma?

Pheochromocytoma occurs in human kidney adrenal medulla or sympathetic, parasympathetic ganglia chromaffin tissue tumors. Since the tumor can secrete large amounts can cause increased blood pressure, adrenaline and norepinephrine, so the clinical manifestations persistent or paroxysmal and multiple organs and metabolic disorder syndrome. As can be treated early, most cases can be cured, but serious disease risks, varied, especially malignant pheochromocytoma addicted more difficult treatment. addicted pheochromocytoma about 90% of benign tumors, 10% of malignant tumors. adults accounted for 90%, 10% of children.

Being drugs is not easy to achieve?

Yang Rongli Peking University People's Hospital, deputy director of bone tumors, as Hu Yongsheng heal for many years. For Hu Yongsheng think the idea of being drugs, Yang Rongli said, 'pheochromocytoma (systemic multiple bone metastases' itself is very rare. Hu Yongsheng suffering from malignant tumors, both main load-bearing bone metastasis. After treatment, back on its feet and survived after a few paraplegia has been very difficult. But as a doctor, can not hold the patient, family consent to do so. 'morality, whether legal compliance? Experimental drug therapy in which phase? by the ethics committee should review and evaluation process closely. 'So this helpless.

According to the Beijing Times >> <<

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