2015 Maple Leaf Foods earnings growth the company plans to further expand production

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FX168 News Canadian Maple Leaf Foods (Maple Leaf Foods TSX: MFI) announced this week the final 2015 operating earnings, results are displayed in the company last year created a profit of $ 41.6 million, of which the main profit in the fourth year creation quarter, the company last year, the last quarter of the stock dividend also increased by 12.5%.

The company CEO Michael McCain said that last year's profit was mainly due to the one hand, the company's management system constantly tend to be reasonable, on the other hand consumers for its quality and stability of meat to show due interest and purchasing power, he said, meat Maple Leaf foods is a major platform for the development of the company.

This Headquartered in Toronto, the Canadian Food company mainly produces sales of ham, luncheon meat and bacon and other preserved meat products. The company said fourth-quarter profit last year, the largest company to create income of $ 33.3 million profit, equivalent to a share 24 points. the data raise the level of 16 points compared to a loss per share for the fourth quarter of 2014, a lot. the company performed poorly in the fourth quarter of 2014, when the company's quarter final loss of $ 23 million.

The company's growth in the fourth quarter of 2015, 10% of sales to 73.1 million Canadian dollars 800 million, while full-year sales of $ 3.16 billion from last year rose to 3.29 billion Canadian dollars, rose 4%.

Maple Leaf Foods did not expect to reap the profits, the company recently said it will withdraw the new Schneiders meat re-brand the company to redesign the brand's appearance and adds a lot of new products under the brand, the new brand will be expected in the second quarter. Meanwhile, the company also invested in Winnipeg a new pig farm, the project is expected to further cut costs and expand the company's production scale.

Michael McCain confidence in the future of the company, he said, 'Bacon continues to be demand from the table of the consumer.'

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