Three of the strongest short-term trading strategies, every minute caught soaring Ushimata

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A short-term trading strategy: Select leading shares

Here we give a first introduction of short-term trading strategy: leading shares.

A plate of leading shares can bring huge gains, often more than other stocks 10% to 20% range. Therefore, everyone wants to capture is a faucet to do, but also very difficult to do. In addition to the need many outside the comprehensive ability, psychological quality must be perfect. Once the opportunity to judge clearly, must act now.

Select the leading stocks trading, you must pay attention to the following points.

First, focus on the news. Determine the most likely to be the main focus of the industry sector.

Second, focus on market trends, according to the 'strongest is the best' to see which sector is the first to start.

Third, focus on the movers. Selection of the plate inside the strongest trend, rose the fastest stock intervention.

When you select accelerated rise: short-term trading strategies II

Many stock prices appears to accelerate the rise stage, there will be a lot of big candle on the disk, the stock is changing rapidly, in the short term will be able to rise a lot, the stock will always rise concept has gained. In this case the investor is already in a state of madness , can not wait to enter the stock market share. and if you want the dealer to ship at this stage, it must first create a thriving scene, to attract money to buy, so they can at a higher price, more easily shipped Therefore stock volume breakout form always, every day candle.

For a short-term investors, the stock if Tazhun pace accelerated in the early intervention, fully grasp the stock price rise accelerated phase, so that we can maximize the benefits of the time.


Three of the strongest short-term trading strategies, every minute caught soaring Ushimata

As illustrated, the stock has been in a moderate rising trend. November 4, the stock suddenly heavy volume up, breaking the pre-order platform, this is a sign of short-term to accelerate the rise. Investors can 4 November 2009 decisively bUY on January 26, 2010 when the high dark cloud cover forms sold. to January 25, 2010, the share price rose from 7 yuan to buy more than 17 yuan, or more than 120%.

Short-term trading strategies Three: Buy in the main section

The trend of stock can be divided into four stages: bottom, rise, building top, whether short-term or in the long term down trend, which can be divided into four stages investors most concerned about the rise, according to the order of appearance. It can be divided into slow climb segment, segment and adjust the main section of which increases the overall process of a stock comprising at least one main section, and some even contain two or three Ushimata main section.

Main section is the fastest rising rally, rallying the most biggest gainers stage. The main section is the short-term investors have sought to grasp the market stage, especially for short-term operation, it was a gold trading stage. If investors can buy in the initial main section, there is the opportunity to get all the profits of this wave rally. this is the biggest goal of all short-term investors.

Main section has the following characteristics.

First, the average system, each moving average was arranged long, 57 shares were down, 10-day moving average up, generally do not fall below the 10th line, little time to fall to the 20th line.

Second, breaking the bottom region. Only true rising phase from the bottom area, it is the real main section.

Third, the volumes in the main section, the volume gradually enlarge, and the overall volume level greater than the wave of heavy volume level.

As shown, from July 2010 to March 2011, Pan River shares (600395) - Straight in a rising trend, the stock hit a new high.

Three of the strongest short-term trading strategies, every minute caught soaring Ushimata

For short-term investors, the rising trend up to 9 months, only two main section an operating value. The first main section appeared in October 2010. Shares After more than two months of consolidation , up sharply, trading volume is rapidly amplified.

The second main l appear in December 2010. After the stock shocks callback, up again, and significantly enlarge the volume (volume more than once before.

It is noteworthy that the third volume of the stock to rise. In 2011 February and March, although the share price rose slowly, but the volume has not hit a new high, indicating that the upside momentum has been weak, so it is not the main section. Short Investors should pay attention to avoid this trend.

In actual combat, investors grasp the main section, also you need to pay attention to the following key points.

Key 1: shock interval delineated

Observe the recent stock market volatility or pressure range or location, and focus on each specific performance reaches the position.

Key 2: grasp the breaking point

When prices break up the original pressure level, there is concern whether volume with, if significantly larger volume rapidly intervene.

Key 3: sustained attention

There are two concerns, one is able to keep active whether daily (preferably at least 5% of turnover, and the other is the average stock price as well as the arrangement of the support case. If the above points are in line with the main section of condition, should be holding the main short-term, stop-loss or stop profit not to be given to relax some, prevent premature Alighting, missed behind huge profits.

For in the main section of the stock, we can seize the opportunity to sell short-term moving average system mainly based, such as more fierce rally to whether below the 5, 10-day line as a basis to sell, if the rally is more gentle, with 200,000 daily basis as sold.

Below an actual case to illustrate how to grasp the main section.

Three of the strongest short-term trading strategies, every minute caught soaring Ushimata

As shown, from September 2009 to December, much energy (600403) shares in a rising channel in slowly rising. It shows that although the market is in an uptrend, but did not start the main section. Stock volume breakthrough rise on the channel edges, indicating that the upward trend started main section. short-term investors should pay attention to the decisive buying.

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