Medical reportedly not easy to find a girlfriend, how to listen to the soldier said

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Medical reportedly not easy to find a girlfriend, how to listen to the soldier said

My Heroes will save me sitting in an ambulance carrying a medicine chest

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Sun's recent Korean descent is simply an x girls medicine, military and special surgical female doctor CP is really with a sense, the male sat helicopter carrying a submachine gun care of the household to save pictures do not know how much captured the hearts of girl , a lot of girls want to change her husband shouting, but! I do not change!

He is both a soldier and my doctor also said that previous periods of angel wings - Military I do not like the adjective, since medic also just ordinary people, but was given the dual role of soldiers and doctors. is the perfect combination of combat and healing power, in my opinion medic image is literally a little sun - warm and shine.

Er Yida graduated wuli after eighty medic, I was affectionately known: Whenever Uncle Military Medical Laboratory ah ah Speaking wujiaochang when visiting the Bund pressure the road like a better life in the military, I was thinking, do not. I went to the military and domestic service technical school plumbers? whenever I'd complain, medic would say to me, 'the girl out to mix are to repay.' this also is in 2056. in a flash on small meat soon become old bacon ......

When the medic graduation was assigned to a camp any medic, he began life 'Gonggeng in Nanyang' in. It is no exaggeration, just under the company medic is simply no difference with our small platoon, training, do video, do courseware, organization when do welcome the inspection activities and to prepare. then I doing this work, he can give me guidance guidance. Over time Medical everyday work life was summed up as weeding with the car, the whole vegetable, and occasionally to the amount of a blood pressure, take a cold headache medicine, bruises slightly serious to open a referral. a health room a medicine cabinet, a table, a bed clinic, and the rest is up to the book, a variety of thick medical book ah foreign instruments. in addition to listening to the soldiers of various Tucao daily chores, but also to withstand the various superiors conversation 'or to switch it! all aspects of quality is also good, give you a company commander Dry!.'

Later I asked him, when you do not hesitate MEDICAL categorically said, 'No, I learned five doctors, five schools to train me, not to let me do this one!.' Once saw a joke, I no to Military talked, he did not want to speak. say a little boy was surrounded by a group of adults, ask grew up want to do, said the little boy I wanted to be a doctor, the doctor when people say good, high social status Actual status respected, high wages ah, is not to find a girlfriend ah ...... nurse sister when the little boy said something, does not mean that doctors can do to save lives? as a small platoon grassroots, I really know medic Medical importance and simply not proportional.

Once there is a small female sudden nosebleeds syncope, some pumping pumping hands and feet, scared to shout medic squad quickly as people, all kinds of tape length around a lot, I saw medic took my blood pressure is normal, let's look calm we all spread out, do a simple check, he raised his head and told us that, okay, stop the blood, to bed rest, drink plenty of water to wake up. leader said, ah, sent to the hospital to check it, may not be the thing ah, the above so much emphasis on it recruits and then we accompanied to the system Military hospital, an hour's drive away, the girl woke up half way to the hospital various checks took a bunch of normal checklists to look only to confirm the leadership nothing. In fact, Heavenly is conditioned enough, the girl suffered a bear monitor, a tense flow nosebleed, fainting.

This year the big catch military training, I do not know what other units, here Team, weight loss program, a variety of training cadres training wave after wave, how much training as unscientific or personal injury caused by inadvertently , the backbone of a good number of cadres, which is not comfortable to look at the hospital clinic, the most painful is compulsory, hurt ill pain, endured not afraid to say, is dragged into a long illness, a lot of it into a stress fracture found. Military often told me that when two people come soldiers, can not let people go with an injury. we do not want to see long lines more this happens, the neat little girl to the troops to the army , when the recruits in connection with an official holiday not a stomach ache, I called the medic, the doctor said let me play progesterone, Medical Da Buda I asked, what he said to play to play, to play more of poor health, the good people of your troops, regulate more attention to the life on the line and asked if I did not go to the hospital system to see it, I say bring saw the doctor said to eat pain painkiller, not to injections.

The reality is that the hospital system is not good-looking, medic powerless we can not see. Every time I go to the hospital system are angry with the soldiers, obviously the military ward where people lived, and said no beds, our company commander gas He said his phone off! What time to what time of beds through! Of course, this is the angry words many times have heard some communications, due to various causes casualties situation, if the site has an experienced medic, is not able to recover some losses? The status of medic reality it ? I can not hear most people say a word, 'I never thought you finally picked a medic?!'

Medical how it? S the character of our family Medical unassuming and kind, on the quality of our military stronger than those of the General Staff Military Officers, Political and ideological work than out of work can be done for Lands soldiers heart, On learning experience we can when it comes to home Military I'm in a daze, on the quality of life speak not smoke do not love clean greedy wine on romantic love single-minded sister tease and homely, why do not I choose him?! Not all are featherbed medic, medic, not all are mixed, they used to be lucky! Do not say anything to complain reality does not worry about their work, because the ability to panic will complain because you want better service officers only want to learn technology, because do not want to neglect will work hard to make progress.

But it? Mid control class cadres postgraduate medical service, training. Military clear sky told me that this estimate does not become another test, I know every time he is preparing for postgraduate what state I can imagine when he went to ticket printing I found no information when it is their own kind of mood! I also know that for several years to prepare the exam can not test, he continuously hit and opened the book is how a stick! When he told me this when I was particularly distressed, he learned to comfort always of their own, there will be opportunities. As always said to have standing, ask them to give due status and conditions, to make them really as there is!

Corps became a split in two waves, in his hometown of Plains Paul, I waited at the side of the waters, we are all in the wave of a member is subject to go, I heard what jobs is strictly controls the medical service cadres. I Suffice it to say, if one day really to the battlefield, they both ported to fight, but also to save lives, I will not let go, why not nurture?

At last.

'I heard soldiers easy to find a girlfriend, because so bitter.'

'I heard the doctor easy to find a girlfriend, too busy.'

'I heard Medical easy to find a girlfriend, because bitter force'

The majority sister who were handed over to the guy all the countries, but not all goose legs kicking Obama, there are some anonymity medic, waiting to marry you home.

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