Optimistic about the market prospects of tourism enterprises to force the sports industry

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Consumption upgrade sports tourism is promising

Domestic demand growth and income growth trend is the promotion of sports tourism to become a new gold mine, some travel companies are very positive about it, 'Money', to force the sports section. Following CYTS outdoor brand launched last year, early this year, Caesar, UTS has also published his new layout in the sports field of tourism.

Simultaneous increase in income and domestic demand to promote sports tourism as the development of new air travel industry. China Tourism Research Institute researcher tourism YANG Yan believes that the tourism market is from the traditional ornamental tourism development to experiential tourism, sports tourism, compared with consumers and provides a good experience tourism services. Sports tourism is a new sector of the economy and tourism industry sports cross permeate generated, based on resource-based sports, to attract people to participate in sports and experience nature appeal of a new tourism form, sports and tourism combine in a special leisure lifestyle, is also an important part of the sports industry, is also a new bright spot of cultural tourism. in this context, the fiery sports tourism, travel agencies have to seize the opportunity to explore the market is not surprising.

Open up new markets

Not long ago, Caesar Tourism held a press conference in Beijing, announced the massive force in 2016 sports tourism market, a comprehensive on-line tour of the Rio Olympics spectators product. Caesar Travel Group President Chen Xiaobing said, Caesar tourism will raise funds for the 82.46 million yuan extended upgrade sports tourism business sector, opening experience center, building a global sporting event ticket booking platform and golf booking platform and supporting mobile internet platform, high-precision lock active users. Further, in the event ticket sales through internet, sports tourism, sports training, traditional leisure tourism at the same time, events were advertising sales, public relations activities as well as sports-themed sports sponsorship consultants and other business activities.

Recently, UTS Tourism announced that the company intends to participate in the subscription of new move by the Tianjin Sports TIS Asset Management Co., Ltd., initiated the establishment of seven investors Tianjin Jinding highly dynamic new sports center funded share of asset management, sport fund size of 100 million yuan yuan, of which UTS tourism to be invested 25 million yuan, as a limited partner Sports Fund.

In addition, CYTS also gradually in recent years in sports-related business into the exhibition business, by readjusting their joint sports company's positioning, is committed to providing sports consulting the government, enterprises, and other large institutional clients Organizing Committee, Operations Management and reception services, sports marketing, tourism and other spectator sports events one-stop professional services, and to undertake a 2014 Audi Cup World finals golf and hospitality projects in 2014 Beijing world snowboard boiling snow season reception services.

Challenges and opportunities

Zhang Rui, senior vice president of Caesar tourism said that compared to the general traditional sightseeing tours, events aimed at the design of high-end products are custom tour or tour, although the higher manpower, material costs involved, but higher profits. In addition, with the traditional tourism product is different, and there is no concept of race travel peak seasons, to some extent, can compensate for the loss caused by the off-season tourism market. For example, Manchester is not a popular tourist city, but in China there is a huge Manchester United and Manchester city two teams fans. Spectators swim in, the game will be the subject of this tourist route, positioning crowd is huge fan base. According to reports, sports tourism market to explore for many years, using its own ticketing Caesar tourism resources, has launched English Premier League, La Liga, Wimbledon, French Open, Australian Open, the US professional basketball, golf and other top international competitions of tourism products.

Equity sports tourism resources compared to Caesar, force UTS tourism is more focused on capital investment fund is a major sport around sports and sports-related consumer or the service industry, the investment is deep UTS Travel ' another sports tourism layout 'field. It UTS relevant person in charge, this investment is conducive to further promote all-round exit UTS tourism integrated service platform sports tourism sector strategic layout, expand the sports industry's influence, and conducive to sustained enhancement UTS outbound tourism product richness, enhance the company's overall competitive strength.

It is understood that seven companies in the national security innovation investment by the national security, national security information, and Portugal shares of Beijing Guoan Football Club initiated the establishment of affiliated companies, has advantages in terms of sports content and sports communication channels, halo new main IDC, cloud computing business, the Internet has the advantages of information, is the parent company of localization ANTA Sports sporting goods company, has a sporting goods manufacturing advantages. 'sports fund company initiated the establishment of their respective strengths to jointly layout includes sports content, channels, peripheral manufacturing, sports and leisure industry equity investment spending the whole industry chain. 'UTS official said.

According to reports, 'Sports Fund' was established, UTS will be running, outdoor, snow, riding and other market segments as the main investment focus on the establishment of sports ecosystem, the layout of the whole industry chain, to provide full life cycle of products and services, including public participation in the daily training, event registration, competition, after the game physical rehabilitation and other aspects of the equipment, services, tourism, event information solutions, cloud services and other direction. combining existing UTS tourism 'sports tourism' products section to get further return on investment, improve capital efficiency, sharing sports and fast-growing areas of the market related returns and further improve the company outbound service platform system. (Wang Shi Pei

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