Fujian Expressway proposed 1 billion to participate in the capital increase of Xiamen International Bank

Updated: March 4, 2016  Views: 5

Panorama News Network March 4 hearing Fujian Expressway (600033) disclosed late Friday, approved by the Board of Directors, the company invested no more than 10 billion yuan, Xiamen International Bank 2016 annual participation in the capital increase.

Announcement that the company invested no more than 10 billion participation capital increase, 4.5 yuan per share calculation, to subscribe for a maximum of 222 million shares, whereby estimates, after the completion of this investment company total number of shares held in Xiamen International Bank of up to 488 million shares, its stake up to 5.82%.

Announcements, Xiamen International Bank 2016 annual increase their investment program has been approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission Xiamen Authority, a public offer of no more than 20 million shares, issuance price of 4.5 yuan per share. Xiamen International Bank business into the company's business, retail business, financial institutions and financial markets and other services, including business, including liabilities, assets and cross-border RMB settlement business.

The company said the investment in the Xiamen International Bank 2016 annual increase their investment projects to improve the company's stake in Xiamen International Bank, is conducive to further give full play to the advantages of the company's cash flow will help the company to further expand the space for sustainable development, in line with The company's overall development strategy. (Panorama network)

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