"Along the way" Financial Information: FOREIGN 46 universities form a strategic alliance

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1, 46 Chinese and foreign universities set up 'along the way' Universities Union (Figure)

17, from Fudan [microblogging] University, Beijing Normal University [microblogging], Lanzhou University and Ural State University of Economics, Korea Pukyong National University and other 46 Chinese and foreign universities in Dunhuang, Gansu Province set up a 'along the way' strategic alliance universities, to explore the Chinese culture and cross-border movement of personnel training a new mechanism, cultivate high-quality talent with international vision.

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2, Wang Yiwei: British participation 'along the way' building a global role model

In March, the British took the lead in spite of opposition from the United States added an investment bank in the Western world, pushing other countries to join, triggering hot Asian investment bank. British courage, guts and vision, to impress the world. Not long ago, British Finance Osborne long visit to Xinjiang, the active participation of the United Kingdom 'along the way to' send a clear signal building. This fully reflects the UK to become the most active countries in Western countries develop cooperation with China, Sino-British usher in a golden age.

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3, China successfully bid for Accor million high iron spirited towards Chinese high-speed rail, 'Kuril country'

High-speed rail, as China's advanced manufacturing industry a shining business card, carrying the Chinese production capacity and equipment manufacturing advantages to the world the glorious task, connected 'along the way' initiative along the national flow of logistics information flow, passing out China and including Indonesia The majority of Southeast Asian countries to join hands to promote the firm belief that regional economic integration is the Chinese practice pro, honesty, benefits, financial diplomacy with neighboring countries and actively promote the concept of a good example of South-South cooperation process. Today, the Chinese high-speed rail being spirited sail Beautiful 'Kuril country 'Indonesia.

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4, Li Xiaolin: help 'along the way' to build a win-win cooperation platform for the emerging market countries

'2015 Beijing Emerging Markets Forum' held on October 19 .5 position before foreign dignitaries at the Great Hall, 20 foreign experts and scholars from 14 countries, more than 100 Chinese scholars and entrepreneurs attended the meeting. Foreign experts include the World Bank [microblogging], IMF [microblogging] (IMF [microblogging], current or former governors and senior officials of regional banks. The forum is organized by Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Beijing Normal University in emerging markets Research Institute, US Emerging Market Forum jointly organized. issue '2015 Beijing Emerging Markets Forum' is 'China and the emerging markets.'

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5, Inspection and Quarantine of regional integration created 'along the way' import and export gold channel

Shaanxi, the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, is also an important hub of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge, because 'all the way along the' Silk Road Strategy at the forefront of an important economic zone of the node. When a reporter with the '2015 all the way along the inspection line' interview Mission came to Xi'an in Shaanxi Province in an interview found deep history and surging 'along the way' construction in the activation and innovation collide integration, reform and opening up new heights of Shaanxi in the 'area all the way,' the trend of the times courageously rushed, and inspection Innovation and quarantine departments to implement a series of reform measures of the pilot national integration of inspection and quarantine clearance, Shaanxi stride forward cast import and export trade of the 'golden channel, urging' Shaanxi create 'ride' along the way ', boosting the Shaanxi seize the reform and opening up landlocked new heights.

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6, the expert: 'along the way' must pay attention to the Chinese and other ethnic groups personal network

'' Along the way 'railway construction, maritime transport, but do not ignore the established networks of relationships. 'Philip asked any scholar in Taiwan' Overseas Chinese and foreign history of relations, 'the International Symposium on the theme of his speech, the Maritime Silk Road through Chinese immigrants most of Southeast Asia, they formed a strong business network, will be 'along the way' to bring what help, worth watching.

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7, Guangdong held 'along the way' exchanges Korean diplomats Mattei

Chairman of the CPPCC Guangdong Province, the Guangdong Public Diplomacy Association president Wang said, with 'all the way along,' the advance, Guangdong and the world will usher in a new round of historic opportunity for win-win cooperation. Looking overseas guests seize Guangdong Promoting 'along the way' construction, Guangdong Experimental Zone construction trade opportunities, vigorously carry forward the tradition and spirit of the Silk Road, and jointly promote economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges between China and the world.

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8 'along the way' for the cooperation and exchange of Cyprus to provide new opportunities

President of Cyprus Anastasia Addis recently published in the Chinese People's University professor emeritus the ceremony on the theme 'Cyprus and the future long-term friendly relations between the two countries,' the speech said that China 'along the way' strategic concept for the current multilateral world economic order provided strong support for international exchanges and economic and trade cooperation adds a new dimension to plug the two countries to build a mutual promotion and depth of cooperation and common prosperity of the future to provide a method and path, we should seize this opportunity.

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9, the Sixth China Linyi Suppliers Expo opening to create 'along the way' International trade New Heights

18 morning, the 6th China (Linyi) International Trade Logistics Expo International Exhibition Center in Linyi grand opening of this fair to suppliers' business through five continents, Linyi large new US 'as the theme, the exhibition set up imported goods, wood industry , building materials, electricity supplier logistics, kitchen appliances, labor supplies, mahogany furniture, halal food, etc. 8 large exhibition area, a total of 4,000 international standard booths, the exhibition area of 30,000 square meters.

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10, former Thai Prime Minister Abhisit: look forward, 'along the way' along the country closer cooperation

Thailand's former prime minister, Democratic Party chairman Abhisit Vejjajiva said in Beijing on the 15th, 'along the way' along the countries and regions are becoming the focus of global companies competing to invest in Thailand and look forward 'along the way' along the countries to undertake closer Cooperation.

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