Global 19 latest top luxury! The rich are simply unable to stop!

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In recent years, the global overseas Chinese to purchase real estate enthusiastic, so the world's top luxury all have entered the Chinese rich field of vision. So today we gather to new products recommended for everyone worth investing in the latest 19 worldwide mansions, many of them are not only providing a quiet residential area, and easy access to the most popular shopping areas can be said to be on vacation and live the best of both worlds 'dream land.' whether or urban oasis seaside community, I believe this 19 residential open your area will be the perfect place for luxury living!

One West End, New York, USA

The 42-storey residential building in the last year and West Avenue (West End Avenue) in Manhattan where they stand on the corner of 59th Street (59th Street), adequate lighting units including 246 units of one-bedroom to four-bedroom apartments, and with in two attic .One West End from the Columbus Circle (Columbus Circle) and Lincoln Center (Lincoln Center) is just a few steps away, but there is a lot of quality surrounding destinations, including the famous museums, educational institutions, Michelin star restaurant and many luxury shops. It can be said is ideal for residential rich.

Since it is a luxury residential facilities must not be careless. For example, you can implement at home barbecue and outdoor entertaining terrace of 1,000 square meters, a large area of vegetation coverage is to make residents feel good.

In addition to the billiard room, children's playroom and other entertainment facilities, as well as a private fitness center and spa, where you live is a completely resort lifestyle. The good news is that this project is being sold, to be completed in 2017, the price will between $ 1.3 million -2000 million US dollars (about 8.47 million yuan -1.3 one hundred million yuan so powerful friends who can be considered a ~


Miami estuary has a small island - Fisherman Island (FisherIsland), although the name sounds very simple, do not even take a ferry or private yacht no way ashore, but because of it, and the close proximity of downtown Miami with only island town great quiet intimate environment. people who live here are very strong, the census found here a few years ago is the highest per capita income in the US town of many American stars and tycoons have chosen to live here, such as the famous American blurted show host Oprah mansion here.

In this mysterious wealthy island has an area of 1300 acres of private island resort community, perfect location plus luxurious amenities, it is simply 'high-end version of paradise'!

PALAZZO DEL SOL project is the development of new apartment here is expected to be completed in the first quarter of this year. It is located on 27 acres of water features on the land, a total of 10-story building, house of 3-7 bedroom range. Staying here, in addition to enjoy six-star multilingual butler service, a fitness center, a private massage room, movie theater, game room, etc. support.

Jewel, Sydney, Australia

Jewel is located in the best locations Wentworth Point Waterfront District, close to the Olympic Business Park, is the gateway to the Sydney CBD and out of the ferry terminal, 15 minutes walk from the train station can reach Rhodes.

Surrounding education, dining and entertainment readily available, you can say it's geographical location, natural environment and surrounding facilities are very competitive.

TheBryant, New York, USA

Brian apartment building new building is expected to begin in spring 2017 occupancy. It is located in midtown Manhattan on 40th Street, between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue between after the New Yorker has called the gardens in Bryant Park next to it, that this apartment is located near the world's fourth-largest library, as well as entertainment including ice rink, soccer field, including open-air cinema.

And it is by numerous honors British architect David? Chipperfield (DavidChipperfield) designed by the 33-storey building more than 16 hotels and condominium composed of layers, very artistic facade of terrazzo, marble interior Italian and German kitchen bathroom facilities are a symbol of quality.

88 & 90 Lex, New York, USA

The same is Manhattan real estate, 88 & 90 Lex is located in the heart from Madison Square Park is only two blocks. Its architectural style combines the pre-war architecture and modernist design, Here you can enjoy the smart home bring convenience.

And in addition to the necessary facilities and entertainment venues, as well as a layer of 2600 m sports center and 24-hour service can be described as owner-occupied investment tilapia ~

The Ritz Carlton Residences Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

The Ritz-Carlton apartment on Sunny Isles Beach, Florida is the modern version of the 'urban oasis.' Apartment is located in the core of the beach, on the eastern side of the Atlantic Ocean, west of the Intracoastal Waterway, there are 212 housing units, including five sets of luxury top apartments, 13 acres of luxurious landscape, swimming pool and private beach resort living facilities ...... really correct.

Reception hall has a pool.

Excellent vision.

Carlton House, New York

Carlton House is located in New York's Central Park, new luxury townhouse, the goal is clear, is to cater to the richest buyers built, whether it is high-polished marble floors or appliances, 24-hour concierge and porter services are very user-friendly but the price really expensive enough, the 800 square meters of floor penthouse 2, priced at 65 million dollars (about 400 million yuan.

Nanuku, Fiji Coral Coast

If you love surfing and diving reefs, could be considered in the purchase of real estate here in paradise Fiji These are not difficult, but the real estate is relatively rare .Nanuku famous resort, but from the beginning of this year has sold real estate, five-star resort life in this opinion can be opened!

One Tower Bridge, London, England

One is located on the Tower Bridge in London Tower Bridge banks of the famous attractions, the Tower of London and other world-class landscape Thames barrier across the distant, and not far from the Houses of Parliament and London landmarks can be described as the perfect location, and therefore the price a lot of money. surrounding near the national Theatre, Hayward Gallery, the Royal Concert Hall, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, etc., so that art lovers will simply let them go! A total of 350 sets of this building one to four bedroom penthouse and private luxury apartments, but also presented a private terrace or roof garden.

The Astor, New York, USA

The Astor luxury apartment in the heart of West 75th Street and Broadway on the West Side. This is a bet by the 1901 William Waldorf Astor funds to build, but in 2015 and re-created, from one bedroom to four-bedroom apartment keeps very royal feeling, classic stove, white oak floors and marble countertops are beautiful modern and luxurious.

Kiawah Island, South Carolina, United States

Mention Kiawah Island more people to mind would be the resort. It's like an unpolished diamonds in the rough, 16km unspoilt pristine beaches and rich and beautiful. America's Best Golf Course is located here, many of the top golf events such as the PGA Championship is held here too. but precisely because of this, there began gradually planned development. in addition to hotels, there's island villa for sale, this epic beauty of the island from will be the world's richest minorities garden, of course, the price is certainly cheap.

70 Charlton, New York, USA

This apartment is located in the Soho district of Manhattan's most tide, there was a gathering place for artists in New York, now mall, restaurants, bars everywhere, it is one of the busiest and most dynamic regions. Of course, 70 Charlton facilities are very comprehensive comprising lounge, outdoor sports area, a saltwater pool and games room, and so on.

WardmanTower, Washington, D.C.

WardmanTower near the embassy, so to see it askew majestic momentum you not difficult to understand. It is not only location, surrounded by green and lush greenery, making it a rare hidden in busy urban retreat, but WardmanTower intrinsic very modern, it has 32 sets of texture class housing.

1 Hotel & Homes, Florida

1 Hotel & Homes luxury apartment in Miami South Beach, where you can enjoy swimming and surfing. Rooftop pool, panoramic restaurant and bar, a private spa and fitness center and even a massage can make you feel the most relaxed resort-style living.

Acqualina, Florida

In Miami pristine beaches, luxury Acqualina estate unmistakable conspicuous. The big garden of 20,000 square meters adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, with unparalleled service and facilities, but now it is no more the main resort services on new housing information, only that it should be completed by 2019, and 264 sets of ultra luxury homes ranging in price (25 million yuan -2.6 billion yuan residential area from 260 square meters to 1400 square meter range from $ 3.9 million to $ 40 million. private swimming pool, small huts and House will also sell. waterfront living like friends can consider them.

ONE57, New York, USA

ONE57 building was designed by Pritzker-Prize winner - architect Christian de Portzamparc design, where you can be famous Central Park and the Manhattan skyline and stunning panoramic view of it in the plaza area (Plaza District encompasses top art. , fashion and food, there is no doubt luxury lifestyle benchmark.

One Hundred East Fifty Third Street, New York, USA

Is a residential complex located in the center of Manhattan. This is just a few steps away from the apartment building Lever House (Lever House) and with a landmark building Seagram Building (Seagram Building), but Plymouth policy Award winning architect Norman? Foster (Norman Foster) led by construction, quite artistic abstraction it in the downtown cultural district is the intersection of global business and world-class cultural venues, a variety of restaurants, art galleries , shopping, architectural masterpiece and landmark venues and modern convenience.


The building is located in Miami Beach's South Beach Shore Club, covering 18 acres. Features 75 luxury apartments and a hotel complex by award-winning Brazilian architect Yi Wen Field Race (Isay Weinfeld) design. Here you can embrace the vitality of tropical vegetation and white sandy beaches, but also enjoy world-class restaurants, nightlife, galleries, a symphony orchestra and various art museums, it is suitable for vacation.

One Riverside Park, New York

Located in the Riverside Avenue (Riverside Boulevard) No. 50 and 62 Street One Riverside Park luxury apartment sitting on the broad field of vision, it can be 35 layers overlooking the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline. Floor to ceiling windows and modern comfort, in addition to 24-hour doorman building and concierge services as well as a recreation room, a playground, a garden patio, sauna and steam room, swimming pool and a variety of sports, very intimate.

These are recommended for everyone today we have 19 luxury homes, and when you read whether it will find that these foreign luxury, especially whether it is design or the United States are supporting the region enough advanced and user-friendly. And the top foreign residence in fact, compared to the design area of the country there is a certain gap between domestic many are worth learning from. so in the future, whether you are on vacation or buy a sea view room, even considering investment and immigration, I believe these are a better choice.

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