Chinese enterprises to promote infrastructure development in the UK

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 21

Recently, the China Harbour Engineering Co., Ltd. The company bid for British tidal lagoon in Swansea Tidal Power Plant project success. Britain Swansea bay tidal lagoon power plant project as a world's first tidal lagoon power plant project has been great concern, even more successful Chinese enterprises UK flag in the enterprise access to important infrastructure sectors, also attracted major media attention on Chinese enterprises to participate in the advantages of the project, the significance and the Sino-British cooperation in the development of tidal energy future prospects and other issues, the British company's chief executive tidal lagoon power station Officer Mark Sherlock recently accepted << Economic Times >> reporter's interview.

The project contract amount of Chinese enterprises won the bid for £ 300 million, it is expected to begin construction in the spring next year, after the completion of 120 years to provide clean power resources for 155,000 households. The reason comes to choosing Chinese enterprises to participate in this project, Sherlock said that if Prime Minister David Cameron said that co-operation between the two countries in terms of development model for a 'win-win' Chinese companies in the bidding stage showcasing its architectural design, project management, cost control and local management aspects The core competitive advantage. Sherlock lived in China I also work, based on his own experience, he is highly recognized Chinese enterprises superb construction and project completion level. He said that in the face of budget and schedule two restrictions, China enterprise competitive advantage in the global market is very obvious.

Sherlock said the project as the world's first large-scale tidal lagoon power projects, with a great demonstration of significance. Chinese enterprises the main project contractor, the British and Chinese companies to develop important infrastructure projects, further enhancing the symbolic significance of the project .

More importantly, the Chinese enterprises in the UK infrastructure industry will produce driving effect. Sherlock said Chinese enterprises to enter the United Kingdom for the development of tidal energy infrastructure industry will be a tremendous boost. He admitted that the bid does not UK local enterprises to participate in, because all British companies do not meet this standard project bidding. Chinese companies in the bid for the localization of business of importance to all sectors of the United Kingdom has brought a profound impression. in harbor officials said, in the future construction of the project 50% of the contract funds will be used for local procurement. This localized business model not only can reduce the external economic risks faced by Chinese enterprises, more conducive to promoting the development of local enterprises. Currently, the UK tidal power generation companies are looking forward to take advantage of Britain domestic market and gradually establish and improve their global competitive advantage and industrial chain. Chinese enterprises to enter the international construction can bring advanced experience and technology. These advanced experience and technology and engineering and industrial advantages of the combination of British, can greatly promoting the development of the UK infrastructure industry.

Sherlock said tidal lagoon power or whether it is the total cost of the project life or is incidental economic benefits than other alternative energy sources more obvious advantages, the international market prospects are very broad. Therefore, Sherlock Swansea project hopes to start promote between the two companies and the two countries have more economic cooperation in the field of civil engineering.

In the UK the local market, the British company plans to build a power station tidal lagoon five tidal lagoon power plants in the next 10 years, with a total installed capacity of 16GW, which is expected to have a 25% share of Chinese engineering companies gained through cooperation with Chinese enterprises, The overall construction and the competitiveness of the UK tidal power industry will be further enhanced. For the future open up the global market, the company has signed a memorandum of understanding with Chinese companies, we plan to complete the Asian regional markets on the basis of preliminary research, and strive to build in Asia Three tidal lagoon power plants, as a pilot of the British professional technology exports and China Construction to develop third country markets. Taking into account the resources available to global tidal lagoon size up to 313GW, Sherlock prospects for cooperation with Chinese enterprises to expand the global market is very optimistic. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.