Sunset - Huang Siyuan (Junior High School Gifts pleasure reading)

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Sunset glow

Chuxiong City Dust language training school

Chuxiong Mouding County Middle School 195 classes Huang Siyuan Cao Bang

Instructor: Yu Ze fee Collectibles pleasure reading

The moon, the stars ...... How many poets praised their beauty, but I could be that the vagaries of the sunset fascinated.

It was a sunny afternoon, I had dinner on the balcony, looking at the sky, there's suddenly appeared in the sky a sunset. Second, two seconds, expanding the scope of the sunset, suddenly, the glowing west sky.

I looked attentively, and pretty soon, the sky white clouds floated two, may also soon be glowing. I'm getting closer from the clouds. Suddenly, I found in front of the flower is the sly fox does not it? and not that majestic tiger behind it? see this, I'm sure they can not help but think of the << >> this parable, I feel funny. soon they were gone.

Momentary trance, and could not see anything, the sunset is not always stop at the sky, it converges from the last rays disappeared. I just stood there a long time and did not want to leave because I've been it deeply attracted. ah, nature, you created human beings, you gave us flowers and trees, rivers, mountains and sunset ...... is your masterpiece, you can not create beauty is counted.

Ah, nature, how wonderful you are.

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