Padmasambhava all the way! Dali Binchuan Gyejoksan letter Master Buddha Yedian Hong Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang foot line

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Lunar New Year on February 19, the Goddess of Mercy Christmas. Gyejoksan be auspicious clouds wrapped in the ancient temple Kassapa sunrise becomes increasingly solemn. Chanting lifted a long, white as snow mountain cherry bright open this abbot Henderson Road Master Block field, pack, handheld Dragon wooden stick. Venerable Kassapa take leave, and go down the hill, toward the foot line vow visit Jizo Bodhisattva Guanyin Bodhisattva Jiuhua mountain and Putuo mountain in Zhejiang.

Line feet and make tour party, swim party, parade. That monks no fixed abode, or look for teacher, or self self-cultivation, or for the edification of others, and has traveled extensively Quartet. Monk tour party, namely called itinerant monk or cloud water Monk << >> Court ancestral thing goes: 'line by foot, away from the village that song, foot line world, from feeling tired donate, look for mentors, seeking enlightenment so impermanence division also traverse for the last..' so itinerant monks practice is one way. << Sutra >> in Zenzai boy sixty-three Senate, malls and smoke water, good mentor visited, seeking asked, eyes wide open, straight supreme Bodhi history the most famous itinerant monk master Fa Xian and Xuan Zang master. although the law for the sake of the West, regarded as the greatest monk cloud water.

Zen greater and greater influence in the political arena Road Daxing China, were under many feet of monks to join the ranks of the line, the Senate ceremony of Matsu Road, Jackson, Jiangxi and Hunan Nanyue shitou xiqian Jackson. So between the cities of settlements mountains and lakes Mans Zhu Zhang shoes monks distinguished figure a scene for the landscape considerably, continues to this day the most courageous history of Zen to the number of Zhaozhou Jackson, eighty four participating school also carrying bags have an old saying: Zhaozhou eight ten foot line still many Jackson most row on his way to visit the participating school encountered sighted guidance, carefully invention, but the life and death.

Since the Song Dynasty, due Mahayana Buddhism popular, all great Bodhisattva becoming Buddha disciple minds of the Holy Land, worship holy Buddhist monks became fashionable foot line parameters to learn. For example Monju Bodhisattva Mount Guanyin Bodhisattva Putuo Mountain, Cape Yin Bodhisattva Emei Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain Jizo temple, Venerable Kassapa large temple Jizu, etc. all big mountains, temples everywhere, monks men. nobility, men of letters, the faithful pilgrims racing board. some three monks step worship, and some foot line parameters ceremony, devout long and arduous journey to come and go.

Henderson Master as a reference and the ceremony all great Bodhisattva vow foot line. In well-developed transport travel convenience of the moment, walking thousands of kilometers holy pilgrimage is not easy. Master in 2015, has played incense made from Gyejoksan foot, to make walking more than a month , worship Emei Mountain in Sichuan this year just getting the spring, and vow to worship and Jiuhua Mountain, one way more than three thousand kilometers across six provinces. such a heart and impressive. Master luggage is very simple, the new home of the car, the rain can bags, three coat a bowl, a change of clothes and two pairs of shoes, hotel lodging along the way, back foot for the last row of tents and sleeping bags, useless, this time on the province.

Lunar New Year February 18, China's first door to the Master Venerable Kassapa leave of absence, the 19th since morning incense praise, ready to go. North Korea suddenly came a Shanseng, also from foot line, also from the foot to worship Buddha leaves the house. I see the monk's first monk bowed, tears flowing through his skinny cheeks and gray beard. one to one to, complement each other, the origin is so Most Excellent.

(From afar monastery monks

Xuyun over Temple, but the case liters Master. Master told to take a raincoat, Jiangnan rainy. To Zhu Shengsi, Henderson Master Hsu Yun old monk to the front and wide Lin old monk stupa leave of absence, which the previous two late Dade, the former is Gyejoksan ZTE founder, who is Master of the tonsure mentor.

Roadside encounter worshipers Wan Lay incense table arrayed fruit tea meet, served tea, and said: 'The monk bowed foot line, you're like, like Buddha, after my doorstep, accept my support.'

After a wash heart bridge, a Gyejoksan, alone along the road, through the state government away. From incense Huayu days, when the typhoon season to a successful beginning of the heart.

<< Escort Henderson foot line Putuo Master >>

Han Shan chicken steel frame, follow Takuhatsu respect.

Line foot ritual Tuas, only COMPASSION deep.

Miles raised straight to cloud water over a hundred cities.

Duron prepared to live the way Padmasambhava.

Henderson Master trekking towards Mount Putuo and Jiuhua ceremony route map

Time: Lunar New Year in nine (Goddess of Mercy Christmas day, calendar March 27 from Hong expected Lunar June 19 (Gregorian calendar July 22 arrived in Putuo Mountain,

Directions: from the house Gyejoksan Kassapa, via Jiuhuashan to Putuo Mountain, Yunnan Way Guizhou >> >> >> Hubei, Hunan, Anhui >> >> Zhejiang six provinces, roughly trekking routes in Yunnan Dali Binchuan Gyejoksan> > Binchuan Xiangyun >> >> >> Chuxiong, Kunming, Qujing >> >> >> Fuyuan County, Anshun City, Guizhou Province in Guiyang >> >> >> Tongren Fenghuang County, Hunan Province, Changde City >> >> Yueyang >> >> Xianning City, Hubei Huangshi, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province >> >> >> Anqing City, Anhui Chizhou Jiuhua >> >> >> sand Tongji town inclusion Township >> >> Cap Du Jing >> >> Ningguo County, Xuancheng city xianxia >> >> >> Lin'an city, Zhejiang Xiaoshan District Qixian town >> >> >> Gaoqiao town Jintang Bridge >> Putuo Mountain.

Mileage: about 3000 km one way

(Data from the micro-channel public number 'Gyejoksan Kassapa Temple'

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