2 days Gu village park visitors up to 307,468 people! Last week, far more than 229,000!

Updated: March 27, 2016  Views: 9

@ Shanghai Baoshan Posted: Yesterday park admission number (3/26) is Gucun 138,612 people today (3/27) for the 168,856 tourists who times, the number of single-day record high of garden.

Two days a total of up to 307,468 people!

2016 Annual Review of weekend traffic

March 19 (Saturday, 70 302 people

March 20 (Sunday, 159002 people

Little new tape we look at today's high popularity cherry circle Gucun photos! (Photographer leaf is said to be residents of Shanghai, which is called 'Ouyang'

@ Firefly -j: Flowering Trailer Oh ~ this week Gu village of Yoshino cherry full open ~ fuchsia bud, next weekend is expected to see open late cherry, Yoshino cherry wandering son to shoot the scene this morning

@ The song Concert: afternoon SLR camera 'Aerial Gu Village Park Cherry Blossom Festival.'

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