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I am sure you are tired of watching small domestic partners of those bare-chested in-game advertising, no matter what the game, as long as they find a group of sister dressed less, a little less, take a picture and then the game LOGO on P, do what the late , an ad so out, in fact, the game LOGO for a change, this is someone who knows the game of it. But I do not know if you have not read the earlier game advertising abroad, one should be forced to fly a high grid .

GB-- 1989, Nintendo launched the Game Boy game, randomly attached Tetris cassette (still the most popular game is still the best-selling portable game machine.

Hillary play GB photo

To the same time as with the TT with it.

To highlight the portability, you also fight. Feel pain in the ass it?

SEGA-- Sega is a Japanese video game company, has at the same time production of home video game hardware and its corresponding game software, video game hardware business with its corresponding game software and computer game software.

SEGA theme garden activities

Mom? These two things can fit it?

The words felt so familiar with how a child would ask my parents, where I was to come. Similar ah!

The second generation of Nintendo's portable game machine GBA-- on March 21, 2001 sale, the biggest feature is the use of a color TFT LCD screen. Up to 2010, GBA has sold the world's total 81.51 million.

Six God for inventory GBA

Like my warm bed at night with.

What non-take-mediated alone is not simply a device to get it! People do not need to play the game girlfriend, okay?

PSV-- generation Sony PSP January 27, 2011: On the PlayStation Meeting 2011 conference officially announced.

PSV have a default death

I want to feel from front to back with you?

Advertising does not seem to want to read the look, after all, a good scary!

Lehman Lehman 3-- 3: bandit attack is a third-person adventure game, released in 2003

Seen enough yet? Big enough!

Have to say, Lehman really very 'dirty', but so obscure 'dirty' will endure.

Mario Football - developed by Next Level Games company, players can use the Wii's motion-sensing controller to control the operation of the goalkeeper, or a more accurate shot

Kind of man would do!

Just always feel a bit forced a wave of feeling, not on where where all suffer ah.

Some unknown game advertising

Can you not bother to play the game? This woman really get in the way.

If this can be advertised, and that all people are medal game advertisers, okay? What kind of in-game advertising can not do? But indeed, 88 years on a hunch to today's advertising trend that?

N-gage world's first dedicated mobile game terminal

That's why I have to leave my crying women.

I did not say, I really did not see this ad, the point where it is.

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