Shanhai Tree Technology Transformation: to create a new model "Pharmaceutical O2O + cloud clinic"

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The reporter intern reporter Wang Ziyue Lu Zijin in Beijing

Tree on Shanhai Technology considered one of the earliest moving into the medical field of the company. 2011 Technology was originally established in Shanhai tree for high-end hospital launched the 'Health e Station' telemedicine system project for the hospital to develop remote health management solutions. Since 2014, Aboriginal tree science and technology by the end of the shift to B to C terminal, the main interrogation and has launched two major electricity suppliers of drugs APP-- 'tree doctors' and 'medicine to get better soon,' and realize mutual between the two diversion. This model has become a new mobile medical exploration.

Shanhai Technology from the tree to B to C to transition precisely by the rapid development of mobile medical Dongfeng Relevant data show that in 2014 China Internet healthcare market size of about 11.39 billion yuan as a whole, where the mobile medical reached 3.01 billion yuan, accounting 26.4 percent, is expected in 2017 as a whole Chinese Internet healthcare market will reach 36.53 billion yuan, mobile health will exceed 20 billion yuan, accounting for 55%. Only in 2014, mobile medical corporate finance cases as high as more than 80 plays, and this is the last five In cases where the sum of the areas of all financing nearly three times the number.

But in the hot market at the same time, today's mobile health care is more like a process of Ebb Tide. How to get a large number of high-quality users, and to clarify its business model to become a mobile medical industry problems to be solved.

As CEO Shanhai tree technology, Chenguan Wei has more than ten years of experience in Internet operations, combined with science and technology to explore early Aboriginal tree in the medical field, so that the mobile medical 陈冠伟 has a unique understanding of the business model. Chenguan Wei believes that the core lies not only in the current mobile health The user of the size, but also because who go the fastest, most accurate in this area.

'We are now a multi-line fumble in terms of home side, business side, etc., will also be upgraded cooperation pharmacy, a chain 'cloud clinic' in large enough amount of users will also consider cooperation with insurance firms, pharmaceutical companies . '陈冠伟 to the 21st Century Business Herald reporter, he said:.' Multi-development is a continuous exploration, trial and error process, which is the Internet's most typical operating practices if we are to develop a user blindly, support costs will be high, also wasted time and opportunity for us to explore. Therefore, to develop a multi-line, ahead of the layout, the first to capture the market gap. '

'O2O2O' online - offline - online operational thinking

Before the introduction of 'Doctor tree' APP, Shanhai Technology tree is doing B-side business to hospital, the hospital provides include wearable devices, including mobile phones APP, the background medical record system, risk assessment system, a set of remote medical management systems. After three years of development, it has more than 40 hospitals Shanhai tree provides services in the industry has accumulated a large number of hospitals, doctors, user resources. But since last year, Shanhai Technology has embarked on a tree transformation.

Turning the transformation reason, Chenguan Wei pointed out that the whole health care system, the health service and ultimately to a service-oriented crowd, C terminal business most market prospects. Previously, Shanhai tree for the hospital to do remote health management system just stay in 'selling services 'On the level, the inability to grasp the data and the user, it can not get the follow-up development, while Aboriginal trees really need to do is to use the Internet to build a doctor-patient platform thinking.' We want to accumulate a few years ago in the medical industry Doctors released by tree platforms, and this is our unique advantage. 'Chenguan Wei said.

Single-mode light is different from interrogation, doctors diagnosed this tree from medical pain point cut, the strong relationship between the main doctors and users, but also the introduction of consultation mode, the user online advice and guidance to the line for medical treatment after medical treatment It does manage to go back online after consultation, forming a line from the line to the next line and then O2O2O mode.

Specifically, the user can choose to open the Doctor tree APP enter consultation mode, in consultation center question, by the relevant departments of the three doctors joint free answers to exhaustion after the free consultation, patients can also choose to add to a doctor ' private doctor 'in-depth inquiry.

Doctors tree also set up online consultation, telephone consultation, outpatient appointment three charges module, the fees charged by doctors according to their level of independent pricing. This can be imported medical advice line under the line, so having a light interrogation link guide diagnostic functions.

After doctors and patients have a face to face at the online diagnostic communication, the patient can be two-dimensional code by scanning a doctor doctors add as a friend, to form a similar micro-channel strong relationship after diagnosis mode helps doctors use pieces of time to carry out follow-up management of patients , but the patient can also reduce the time cost, transportation cost, get the best understanding of professional advice of a doctor of his condition, nursing and treatment guidelines again after attending the same time, doctors trees also store electronic patient records, personal health records form.

Chenguan Wei said that such thinking is based on operational judgment of the medical market in the doctor before the tree, the market has been the main light interrogation of a variety of products, and access to a large number of users, but have less cut from the clinic after the angle. ' After attending more valuable user. Because patients diagnosed before the diagnosis only play a lead role in the latter part of the frequency of use is very low users, while attending physicians are more dependent on the user needs to follow the advice, purchase of medicines, appointment registration etc., are more dependent on the platform. We guide the conversion is completed online and offline through step by step so that our more sophisticated product design and operational thinking. '陈冠伟 said.

It is understood that the physicians tree platform has about 5 million users, and about 50,000 Verified doctor. In order to get more quality doctors resources, Aboriginal Tree Technology in Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Fujian and other He organized a special ground marketing team doctor on the doctor tree platform not only to obtain the corresponding revenue, but also to learn more through the exchange of experiences circle of doctors, while the user evaluation of the doctors for doctors to establish on the Internet personal brand provides an opportunity.

Doctors tree + medicine almost ready: to create a closed loop medicine, upgrade, 'says clinic'

Shanhai tree this year is the introduction of a major new action 'medicine to get better soon' APP, thus reached the drugs O2O field of electronic business. Medicine to get better soon depart from the patient side, there are 10 million to establish a question bank, 200,000 drug library, 10 thousands of intelligent system disorders libraries, the system can self-examination and self-diagnosis by patients recommend the most suitable drugs. Currently, the drug has reached almost ready to cooperate with Beijing hundred pharmacies, single-day orders amounted to about 1000, and the realization of Beijing Region 1 hour free drug delivery.

According 陈冠伟 introduction, drug fast good coverage is expanding from Beijing to Jinan, Qingdao, Shenyang and other places is expected in December this year exceeded 10,000 single-day single-volume coverage of the country's 15 provincial capitals, will be the fastest growing industry a platform.

In addition, in September this year, the drug has also completed the docking fast good tree platform with a doctor, to form a complete closed loop of medicine when a good platform for the user in drug consumers in fast, the system can intelligently recommend a doctor, along with the doctor before, counseling records, to guide the user to consult when to consult a doctor, the system can also recommend doctors related drugs on a tree platform based on keywords, and the number of records with the purchase of medicines and Evaluation others. medicine and doctors to get better soon realized the tree butt the data depth of the two platforms diversion.

陈冠伟 said: 'We hope to build a big healthy carrier, will dock for many various supplementary functions required weapons carrier fleet that we have to build a good platform, doctors and drug fast tree butt good medicine is one important aspect, too. Doctor doctor tree landed an important aspect. '

Chenguan Wei called the doctor landing, in fact, is another big move Shanhai Technology tree next thing - the good cooperation with medicine pharmacy fast upgrade become 'cloud clinic' Chenguan Wei said Shanhai Technology plans to use the capital for the tree pharmacies transformation, so that the pharmacy to get qualified clinics, after the transformation may also shares the clinic. This can be a doctor under a tree in accordance with local physician resources into various clinics allow doctors more practice. It is understood that the company expects in the future Shanhai tree within two years the country has established twenty thousand cloud clinics.

Aboriginal Aboriginal tree tree science and technology backed by real estate groups, with Aboriginal tree Group's continuing investment support, last year also got $ 10 million in overseas venture. Follow-up will focus on the layout of the drug fast good business, to further expand the project tree doctors.

Marketing Layout: business terminal, multi-family side force

Mobile Medical's business model has been a problem plaguing the industry. Shanhai Tree Technologies also continue to try its business model. In addition to the drug fast good platform for cooperation pharmacies into this more clear mode, Chenguan Wei said that the future will seek cooperation with the insurance, pharmaceutical companies.

Chenguan Wei believes mHealth business models many Aboriginal tree science and technology to do it is multifaceted attempt, and then determine the focus of future development. For the moment, Shanhai tree science and technology is urgently needed to expand the number of users, with a only with the insurance, pharmaceutical companies cooperate on the basis of a large amount of users.

陈冠伟 to the 21st Century Business Herald reporter said that science and technology major from the family tree Shanhai end and business ends of the two aspects in the marketing strategy, the expansion of users in the home side, the Aboriginal trees Technology is seeking cooperation with radio and television, to make an appointment, purchase of medicines, family doctor services, health education videos, and access to IPTV in the family living room, expanding the home user.

In the business side, the Aboriginal tree science and technology will provide companies with enterprise cloud infirmary enterprise employees can quickly scan the doctor tree and drug good dimensional code, doctors get fast answers, guiding patients and consumers in enterprise user in the physical examination later, Doctor tree platforms medical staff can also report free interpretation, put forward suggestions for the sub-health staff to address the pain points of the medical report unattended. It is understood that Aboriginal tree technologies are now more than 120 enterprises have been set up virtual cloud infirmary, cooperation is expected to reach 500 by the end of business.

Chenguan Wei said that as mobile medical health care industry and the Internet is the traditional industry of two cross-border, so it takes a long time to learn the process of exploration. At present, China's mobile medical industry is still in its infancy, the business model is not yet clear, but in order to In the industry-leading, the key is to quickly and accurately worked out a clear business model.

'The future will be increasingly fierce competition, this is also a test of these start-up companies in our industry is not sustainable in time if the mode, then the future can be very dangerous..' Chenguan Wei said: 'Now we need the fumble, early cut gaps in the market, because after O2O model once landed, resources will be difficult to shake, and thus to the layout in advance to obtain first-mover advantage. '(Editing Lu Yu) Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.