P2P executive turnover tide continued financial executives from home and then start Pony

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 71

Beijing Daily News (Reporters 崔启斌 Yu Yue product) P2P industry executives leaving tide continues. Following the gold in the land, and many other platforms appear favorable network executive shake-up, the Beijing Daily reporter yesterday held in pony finance new release It was learned that China's Internet banking platform for SME associations pony Financial CEO Zhang Cheng has left, now owned by foreign companies for many years IT experience Lizhu Hua took over.

Zhang Cheng pony before assuming financial CEO, general manager of the contractor for the pony bank's Internet banking platform for the bank. Last December, Zhang Cheng who took over the team members as well as pony bank microfinance loan officers resigned to join the pony finance, caused concern to the industry. This time, Zhang Cheng left again pony for financial reasons but also what? A person familiar with Zhang Cheng informed sources told Beijing Daily reporters, Zhang Cheng because of personal reasons to leave pony finance their own business. Yesterday, Zhang Cheng to Beijing Daily, told reporters that he is preparing his own business projects, but also, and Internet banking related.

And Zhang Cheng has extensive work experience in the financial sector is different is that the coming financial pony CEO Li Zhuhua work experience is mainly in the Internet field, worked in Hewlett-Packard [microblogging], Oracle [microblogging] and other foreign companies working process Major service in Chinese banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions, have also presided over the design of the first generation of China Construction Bank online banking, because of work experience in this field, and later in a personal capacity by the Chinese People's Bank [microblogging] hired as six years of entrepreneurial experience expert online banking development and supervision of the Expert Group. After also design or is engaged in Internet projects.

Since the original pony finance team based mostly financial talents, to promote the marketing of the Internet is not very good at it. To compensate for the Internet aspects of personnel short board, pony financial purposely introduced many aspects of the Internet talent.

In fact, in addition to financial pony outside, this year there are multiple platforms executive shake-up, including gold in the senior team land on a large scale shake, enabling network former CEO Liu Yannan Wang Yuan with more than 20 years ago, enabling workers to leave. Net founder of Xu Hongwei home loans represent, P2P industry executives turnover rate of about 40% -50%.

In addition to executive turnover, pony finance at the meeting yesterday also announced that it will achieve cooperation with Tian An Insurance, provided the performance bond principal and interest payment of insurance as 'Pegasus' series of new products, the second since the recent cooperation which is also Cheonan Insurance home P2P platform. It is reported that, in the current framework of cooperation with P2P companies, Tianan Insurance in the future may also consider setting up a P2P company, reached this area. It is reported that this collaboration with financial pony Cheonan Insurance Performance Security Insurance, performance guarantee for the insurance company to insurance beneficiary commitment, should the insured does not fulfill its obligations in accordance with the provisions of the contract or the law, by the insurance company liable for a form of insurance.

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