Masanori Life illegal to play the new blacklist six months may not purchase shares

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 60

Beijing Daily News (Reporters Cuiqi Bin Chen Tingting) at the same time because of online and offline purchase, refurbished Masanori Life (now renamed 'Jun 康人寿') was included in the new blacklist of illegal play, and eat six months may not participate in subscription of new shares ticket.

Securities Association of China recently announced through the official website, according to the provisions of << IPO underwriting business norms >> decided on 2015 April-July period, the participation of the net purchase of new shares, in violation of Article 45 << specification >> 15 shares placing objects specified blacklisted.

Beijing Daily reporter learned that, in addition to Yang Investment Co., Ltd. Zhejiang, Jiangxi Copper (Beijing) International Investment Co., Ltd., Yunnan Industrial Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai Chang Lim Chin super and Saixiang Venture Capital Co., Ltd. In addition, Masanori Life also impressively.

Ticket display, Masanori universal life insurance products through its participation in the IPO, while taking the online and offline purchase way. And in 2009, the Commission [microblogging] Release << guidance on further reform and improve the system for IPO >> clear that, when each IPO, placing objects under the net can only choose one way or the online purchase, where the participation of placing objects under the net stock quotes are not allowed to participate in online purchase again.

To this end, Masanori Life was blacklisted six months, from October 16 to April 15 next year may not participate in days of subscription of new shares. Securities Industry Association, said the move is intended to regulate the initial public offering under the net equity investors Quote purchase behavior and placing objects.

And this came back less than a year away from Masanori Life. It is understood that Masanori Life solvency red but had been halted early last year new business, new investment, access ban by the end of 2014, the recovery in new business and new stock, unsecured non-financial corporations (corporate) bonds, shares, real estate and financial products.

Datong Securities analyst Fu Yong Chong said, because the A-share fluctuations, since early July issue of new shares has been suspended, and the present, specific restart issuance schedule has not been determined, so the impact is not large in terms of Masanori Life In fact, under the leadership of Zheng Yonggang investment predators, Masanori Life has successively into the secondary market, as the media has placards EAST science and technology, and then changed its name to King Kang Renshou holdings in just three days, three special cableway across placards red line. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.