Detective Conan prisoners glasses commercialization track

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I want to experience yourself go around to where people died 'Death students' in force grid? Now a chance to (mistakenly, glasses manufacturers ELECOM models will be launched in October of Conan Edogawa 'anti-blue glasses' .

Conan's glasses

The glasses and Hiroshi Conan is one artifact detection developed 'Tracking prisoner glasses' appearance is completely the same paragraph, but the above pattern will emerge sophisticated analysis. In addition, there will be an antenna liter glasses frame after adjusting organs up so you better loading force.

Loaded to force the same paragraph antenna

The glasses were three lenses: transparent lenses, tinted lenses, lens pattern analysis (Khan, corresponding to different user needs.

White Lens
Brown lenses
Analysis of the pattern of the lens
glasses case

Incidentally Blu-ray (high energy shortwave blue light is the greatest cause of modern electronic products eye disease, such as computers, mobile phones, tablet, game consoles and other artificial light sources have a Blu-ray high proportion of all problems, and long-term blue light will cause photochemical damage to the retina basic models. The anti-blue glasses to the children, though, but the official launch of the adults actually earmarked, but be careful to use after her friends are and keep a distance from you, oh.

Still looks cool

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