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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the issuance of << industry and information and communication in this industry financial experts in database management Interim Measures >>

Ministry of Finance [2015] No. 279

Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and cities, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, industry and information technology departments, subordinate units, subordinate colleges and universities, the relevant universities, the relevant central enterprises:

In order to regulate industrial management and information and communication in this industry financial experts libraries effectively improve decision support capabilities, the ministry developed a << industrial and ICT industry sector financial experts database management Interim Measures >>, is hereby issued.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

August 12, 2015

Database Management Interim Measures of industrial and information and communication in this industry financial experts

General Provisions

Article to regulate the industry and information and communication in this industry financial experts libraries (hereinafter referred to expert database management, rights and obligations of experts, give full play to the role of think tanks and social research institutions, to build a high level of financial and economic policy research platform, and effectively improve decision support capabilities, to develop this approach.

Second approach applies to the selection of industry experts in the financial field, the use of hired experts and library management activities.

Experts within the meaning of Article III refers to national research institutes, large enterprise groups, industry associations, universities and industry departments and other units in the industry and related fields of information and communication industry, engaged in financial, economic, technical and other research, management, consulting work higher level professionals.

Team of experts within the meaning of Article IV The library is composed of industry experts-level, high-level experts, is responsible for the daily management by the Ministry of Finance.

Article based on operational need, the expert database established policy studies, financial accounting, economics and management, engineering and technical four types of expert groups, and undertake corresponding responsibilities:

(A Chinese manufacture around 2025, integration of the two powers such centers and networks work, conduct research important FINANCIAL forward-looking and global impact on industrial and information and communication industry, propose specific and constructive opinions and suggestions.

(Two around the industry to adjust fiscal policy formulation, to play the advantages of specialist expertise and think tanks, effectively applying theory to practice, advice, and advice, policy measures to enhance scientific and feasible.

(Around three major financial policy implementation, with training seminars, project evaluation, financial audit inspection, special inspection of finance, financial performance evaluation work, give full play to the guiding role of experts, made fair and objective third-party assessments.

(Four complete other tasks assigned by the Ministry of Finance Division consulting research and demonstration and other tasks.

Chapter selection of experts, hire

Article expert database expert selection hire adhere to the 'equality open, merit-based hiring' principle.

Article expert selection criteria

(A political condition: good political quality, personal integrity and professional ethics, a strong sense of dedication, no other acts of lawlessness.

(B selected industry experts should have some fiscal and financial expertise, extensive practical in terms of finance, economics, management and technology experience, with one of the following conditions:

1. Policy Studies class experts engaged in the field of information and communications industry and financial policy research industry for more than 10 years, have high academic attainments and strong research and practical ability, having a positive high professional titles, the central enterprises to research institutions primarily responsible or academic leaders.

2. Financial Accounting class experts engaged in finance and accounting work for more than five years, CPA or an accounting, auditing and other professional and associate professional and technical titles, familiar with national financial policies and regulations, to grasp the field of information and communications industry, industrial and financial capital regulations , with a strong decision-making advisory capacity.

3. Economic Management experts engaged in industry and information and communication industry and related areas of economic management (including financial, taxation, pricing, asset management, project management over more than five years, with associate professional and technical titles, familiar with professional consulting activities policies and requirements, a higher theoretical level policy and administrative experience.

The engineering and technical experts engaged in the field of industrial engineering and information and communication technology industry research and development work for more than 5 years, has a wealth of practical experience and ability to innovate, with the subtropical high and above professional titles, has presided over the provincial research projects.

(Three experts selected priority meets the following conditions:

1. academicians,

2. The national economic research department official, well-known professors Key Financial institutions, national 'people plan' or 'Cheung Kong Scholars Program' selected candidates,

3. The large state-owned enterprises, chief engineer or technical director of national high-tech enterprises, the State Key Laboratory Director, Engineering Research Center,

4. National Science and Technology Award winner, as well as provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress prize winner over former top three,

5. with outstanding contributions and enjoy special government allowances of experts.

The (four healthy, age 60 years of age in principle.

Article 8 expert selection and recruitment process

Experts storehouse implementation of appointment management, duration of employment for two years the selection process is as follows:

(A specialist Unified recommended by the unit or recommended by the Ministry of Finance Division and related offices after the unit audits to make recommendations (in annex recommended format.

(B Department Finance Division is responsible for the audit recommended materials, primary and summary.

(Three AFF organized pool of experts set up initial evaluation and final evaluation work.

(After four final assessment by experts in public by the Ministry of Finance Division, warehousing hired.

Article IX of experts based on work requirements or new initiative to withdraw and other circumstances, the Ministry of Finance Division will be timely additions to storage experts.

Chapter III rights experts, duties and discipline

Article X of the experts have the following rights:

(One pair of related policies and regulations and the situation's right to know,

(Two in the consultation, evaluation, inspection and acceptance and other aspects of the proposal right, the right to vote,

(Iii accordance with relevant regulations, to obtain the corresponding remuneration for work,

(Four other rights laws, rules and regulations.

Article XI experts perform the following duties:

(I use professional knowledge and professional experience, and to provide technical advice and decision support,

(Ii commissioned by the Ministry of Finance Division, carry out research and policy advice, undertake industry training teaching tasks involved in the project review and audit inspection and other related work,

(C abide by professional ethics, serious, fair, honest, honest to perform the relevant duties,

(Four other obligations laws, regulations and rules.

Article XII of experts to observe the following discipline:

(A abide by state laws, regulations and provisions hereof,

(Ii strictly observe work discipline, statutory avoid situations should take the initiative to propose avoidance,

(Iii strictly abide by discipline confidentiality not to disclose the relevant documents and the relevant units of trade secrets to the outside world, etc.,

(Iv strict compliance with financial discipline, and consciously accept the supervision and management, and resolutely put an end to all kinds of violations of law.

Chapter IV expert database administration and maintenance

Article XIII expert database implementation of 'entry and exit, assessment' and other dynamic management measures by the Ministry of Finance Division is responsible for the management and maintenance of library experts, specific duties are as follows:

(A build expert profile information, expert information dynamically updated, enabling experts to maintain complete and accurate database information,

(Two pairs of experts involved in work related to archiving,

(Three pairs of expert operational capacity and work performance of periodic assessment.

Article XIV of the Ministry of Finance Division to implement dynamic management of the pool of experts, the experts of the following circumstances, the termination of their expert qualifications:

(Eleven years twice without justification no reason not to participate in the work,

(Two due to health reasons, can not do the work of experts,

(C due to job changes, no longer suitable as experts,

(Iv my application no longer serve as experts.

In violation of the provisions of Article XV of experts, one of the following circumstances, cancel their expert qualifications:

(A cheat fraud specialist qualifications,

(Two as an expert on behalf of the library for personal gain, resulting in adverse effects,

(Iii shall withdraw without initiative for withdrawal,

(Iv violation of state laws and regulations, the authorities verified,

(Five not objectively fulfill other circumstances relevant responsibilities.

Chapter V Supplementary Provisions

Article 16 The Ministry of Information Industry and the Finance Division is responsible for interpretation.

Article 17 These Measures shall come into force from the date of publication. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.