Who gave courage prices less selling 300 ten games

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With the STEAM platform popularity and entered the eighth generation game console, the Chinese players genuine awareness is also growing, for their favorite game works, Chinese players have also generously buy genuine practical action to support the development of the game provider. but for the average income of most of the players and the mainland people, the more frequently the price of 300 yuan game is not a pack a lunch as 'cheap.' Therefore, in addition to supporting their favorite game outside, more players Follow the game in terms of content is enough to enrich themselves willing to let go for this purpose. However, there are so happens some 'unscrupulous' developers to thin game content and does not match the price to deceive players. Here I will expose ten less high prices of 'black list' works, we hope to keep their eyes open, careful selection!

1. Street Fighter 5

Capcom is how the players in mind 'action revere' into today between the players everyone cries of 'card bitch' mean that the same old stuff, and its annual fancy, exclusive cross-platform, another version of the self-made re-sell it again dead behavior has a close relationship. Capcom has had countless classic IP, but in its tireless seek death, dead, frozen in the frozen, but as the only remaining signs masterpiece, also << >> Street Fighter 5 showing off the slight play trend.

In the first edition published << >> Street Fighter 5, the card prostitute once again demonstrated the sincerity lacking (or clear intent of misappropriating production attitude, no game arcade mode, there is no trial mode without crew war (Exercise mode is not, the story mode is one of only three still-frame picture story off fighting replaced, it can be said the players spent more than 300 pieces to buy a first edition, so after leaving the practice mode you can play online gaming. in addition to , PC gamers have to endure can not change the boring and full keyboard provided by online gaming platform players collective poor network environment suffering a very tough battle, while Capcom claimed by free game currency to unlock the future role after launch players calculation for the average player, it is almost an impossible thing to achieve. in summary, although >> << Street Fighter 5 high quality, but is still subject to numerous players poor sales also reacted average. Although this whole recession and fighting games have a great relationship, but why the 'Mortal Kombat' series can achieve high sales volume each generation, 'Street Fighter' sales have declined year by year, Capcom should really reflect on what .

2. Mission 1886

Not black does not blow, 1886 >> << Mission in the game screen aspect set a benchmark for next-generation technologies, for now, no game can exceed 1886 >> << Mission on the screen. Of course, this game also limited to the advantage as a stand-alone story only game mode without any additional third-person shooter, as in this story has done is not satisfactory, the process is short, boring level design, no decent boss battle, pale figure, the plot somehow. when players week head clearance game, in addition to leaving a 'this game really picture Cock ah' positive impression, the rest only endless Tucao for cable rice in China is concerned, in sale during the Spring Festival this as more of a disaster, due to the logistics, supply and profiteers malicious shill bidding and other reasons, this for sale when fired to 4,500 yuan at high prices. Since then, prices had fallen, and therefore by the player nicknamed 'Mission $ 18.86.'

3. Evolution

From the media blitz before the sale, the players look forward to a short time after the sale to the spirits, following << >> Titanfall after once again confirms a void content of the game, even if no matter how high quality, will not let the player enthusiasm for long. << >> evolution of the game only three monster body, 12 hunters and so-called big five game modes. Tell the truth, then less game content, but the excellent quality of the game touches make up for lack of content. However, the present as it is in terms of unscrupulous season tickets, season tickets priced at $ 25 and includes only a four monster hunter, all the remaining DLC sold separately. and most unreasonable is so capricious season ticket trafficking manner by players after spraying anger, developers are still go its own way, the introduction of season tickets the second bomb, the same price, the same content, the same wayward ......

4. Ridge Racer Vita

As the first series of works associated with PS, PS2, PSP, PS3, XB360 five hosts, Ridge Racer Vita >> << not unexpected for the PS Vita handheld starter escort. But in terms of the game screen, it is quite PSV good. However, as a standard physical version works price of the sale, the game only three tracks and five cars, I ask, this content plumpness even free mobile games do not like, but also how people washing?

5. Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS-FORCE

As dung cheat meal as representatives << Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS-FORCE >>'ve done no before or since, before the sale of up to war infinite expectation handheld works, no free battle (follow-up after the sale bad reviews emergency supplemental without crew war, there is no network connection (only surface-linked 1V1, no awakening moves. If you play as a stand-alone game, you will be more disappointed with the number of the body has shrunk dramatically, the story mode two hours clearance, the official 7000 yen pricing allow players to purchase bad review continued, the price all the way down the game, even the domestic electricity business platform before the game also added the name 'Destroyer God as' be Tucao.

6. Light Fighting: Blade vs. EX

Is also a sign of the name fool powder as mine, except as a selling point and CG TONY who set the original painting, this made little lackluster .16 a personal matter and not that much, but each character's moves pitiful, as original hero of Aralia, actually only three measures + amazing kill two, even twenty years ago is not only fighting game characters are so poor recipe. in addition, there is no balance of performance game characters to speak, extremely strong, weak very weak. There is no story mode logic, the so-called full voice is Quejinduanliang, the most frightening thing is, as a fighting game, for the present there's no online play, feeling even developers people also know imbalance simply cut off network connections, saving time and effort. when the players to 'at least 200 TONY Great God can see the original painting CG' sour grapes, but unfortunately brutally beat an official face, which is almost 200 CG Videos are old charge of new disappointing.

7. Samurai Warriors 4-2

If you had not played Samurai Warriors 4 >> << and >> first contact << Samurai Warriors 4-2, Minato also may feel almost, but for the author before the platinum is concerned, << Sengoku 4-2> > it is simply synonymous with unscrupulous as Yanwu unparalleled levels of story mode, in addition to in addition to the chaos of Tengen Horse almost no new battlefield and level, while the process is similar, battlefield high repetition rate, CG, and calculus direct copy before. Unlimited City model, while well received, but not as good as full of fun on the brush before secret military stray Yanwu mode in addition to adding a new role - tiger mother's godson, one of the four kings of the Tokugawa well straight Iraqi government, the game hardly any new content. no wonder the sale before the official has been emphasizing this as not 'Reggie Biography', so, dare to call Reggie Biography then also not be the player to spray death. you know, 'Reggie Biography' as a piece of information, not only will the new increase the number of game content and the title role, also support based on the original purchase separately. in contrast, Samurai Warriors 4-2 >> << unscrupulous degree do not need to say it.

8.LOVELIVE! Idol Gakuen Heaven

'LL cult' how terrible, is not this circle of people will not understand. It is because of popular anime, the game version of the developers in the production is simply holding 'Anyway, just a fool's game will be able to cheat death house attitude then why spend the money to develop it a good effort, 'and the game eventually bad picture, tracks pitiful, poor quality, very short clearance process came to players. the most frightening thing is that as this maximizes drained fans purse, the game is divided into three versions for sale, the difference between the versions is only a few tracks and some story line, it is to allow players Tucao weakness.

9. Royal Sister Rose Z2: Chaos

The PS3 version of the game is hard to imagine catching screen standard PS2, PS4 PS3 version of the game screen is catching up with the level of the series is how moist live now. To know the pricing and 3A game masterpiece kept in a reference, but also because the father of the pit exchange rate reasons, the Japanese version of the price close to 400 yuan << Royal sister rose Z2:. >> Chaos game's story mode single process is very short, the entire fighting force the clean version of pass plus, level design simple and crude, in addition to the way chop chop chop not the slightest highlights outside game a lot of scenes and monsters are modeled directly in front of several works moved here, just a little definition of some of it. after the story mode players need clearance only reached challenging conditions and continue to unlock mission mode dress patterns new items, and this so-called mission mode is the story mode will allow players in the scene story mode appears enemies appear and then cut it again. it can be said, in addition to the special code for this gift of clothing meat, game quality can only be described as bad.

Mori 10. Animal: Amiibo Festival

In this early stage of publicity for Nintendo gives the body free game download + player sold separately amiibo in form of the game. This mode is actually quite good, want to play the players will naturally go to buy the corresponding amiibo, the player might not want to play download interested in the free version, then will buy amiibo try. However, to close the sale when this has turned out for the game + amiibo bundling blows equivalent price amiibo game body 4000 yen purchase method. this is a money can only play dice game is actually a promotion, 'animal Crossing' series amiibo toy works, it is simply outrageous to black heart. 'animal Crossing' series was originally one of the heavyweight IP's old office results there such a void content insincere sell toys and games, it is extremely disappointing.

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