Boshi Fund: Industry differentiation significantly push up new investment structure Quotes

Updated: October 19, 2015  Views: 60

Zhongzheng Wang News Boshi Fund [microblogging] in the fourth quarter will be held in Shenzhen strategy, meeting in a special guest Theresa consulting general manager for mining at the recent PMI data show that the macroeconomic situation published a keynote speech that the new investment is expected to push l structural market.

According to Ying introduction, in recent years the industry through a comprehensive observation data contrast, the industry has been very clear differentiation pattern, progress has been made in economic restructuring, and can draw on the new investment advantages of the industry. The so-called new investments, mainly in the consumption upgrade, technological innovation services rise and other concepts, in manufacturing, non-manufacturing were distributed, mainly in the following areas.

Manufacturing, in part reflects the upgrading of the consumption market industry concern, Sporting, health and other areas of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing culture and education are particularly benefit. Embody innovative technology industries, such as computer and electronics manufacturing, and is currently involved in strategic emerging industries nonferrous metals, chemical, etc. are the future of 'potential shares.'

The non-manufacturing sector, new investments related to information services, tourism, catering, logistics and other fields, with the escalation of daily consumer demand, the rapid development of these industries can be seen everywhere in life, much room for improvement in the next few years still.

Seven new industry boom high, only due to the different seasonal cycles of various industries and lead to differences in a single month.

As to Ying said: industry division has been finalized, new investment dazzling bloom, 'quality growth' is on the way.

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