Microsoft capitalized stupid B intelligent AI says PS4 cheap and easy

Updated: March 27, 2016  Views: 11

March 24, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft on the line EyeToy Tay AI chat robot, the user simply can get on Twitter @TayandYou Tay reply.

PS4 and X1 player asked what time better, Tay made the following answer.

After on-line, Tay released nearly one million tweets, later began to appear some terrible statements, such as: 'Hitler was right, I hate Jews.' 'I (beep - hate feminists, they should die.' and many more.

So, friends said, he had started to believe that artificial intelligence will one day eradicate this terrible human thing.

It is reported that, Tay technology jointly developed by Microsoft and Bing search team and the team, the goal is to improve Microsoft products for the ability to understand the language of communication, currently, Tay target audience is active in the United States on the Internet 18 to 24 year olds It is worth mentioning that, after the team will be for the Chinese market has developed over a section called 'Microsoft wheatgrass' chat robot.

Anonymous public data is its most important source of data, Microsoft said, Tay will continue learning in communication with the people, so with the accumulation of time, it will gradually increase the ability to understand. If a user on Twitter @ Tay , the robot will track the user's screen name, gender, favorite food, zip code, emotional health and other personal information. in addition to chat, Tay also can do a lot of other things, such as jokes, storytelling, etc. users can also Share a photo to get Tay reviews.

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Traditional Chinese: 大寫的懵B 微軟智能AI稱PS4便宜好用