Japan Yamaguchi Prefecture auctioneer taxes by hand to do

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Taxation is an important factor affecting the normal operation of a country's economy, from ancient times to the government for taxes by tax evasion penalties are more severe, a lot of people who deliberately refuse to pay delinquent taxes will be seized corresponding financial, in the last resort when will force the sale of personal property taxes were to be used to pay taxes, while in Japan, Yamaguchi Prefecture, the local government in order to alert those taxes, the seizure of taxes who used to do hand to do the auction house to tell some of the dead person taxes : 'We do not pay taxes on the sale of your Sims!'

Tax not to sell you villain!

Japan Yamaguchi Prefecture Sanyo-Onoda government auction will be held in October, and the auction items auction has 21 mortgage arrears by hand model, including the role of light tone, Hatsune Miku, To Love and other works hand to do, the city is currently a total of 300 million 98 million yen in taxes not collected, from the start of November last year, the municipal government began to prepare the local taxes were used to auction seized goods tax credit, this auction Figurine is the first time, many people want to participate in the auction, many animation fans said 'Although the owners do express sympathy for the hand, but they do not pay taxes it is self-inflicted,' More importantly, these hands do the low starting price , the lowest starting price of 400 yen, 2240 yen but also the highest, even if no matter how limited unless it is no longer in production increases the hand to do, it will not exceed the original price of the new goods, the official auction this warning than practical significance the aim is to encourage their active A house to pay taxes on your taxes we put your wife were all auctioned off!

Hand to do to be auctioned

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Traditional Chinese: 日本山口縣拍賣欠稅者手辦