Skin care tactics, skill Kyo tease men of God for 16 years is not reduced

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From 2000 to this year's << Endless Love >> << >> sun descended, although separated by a full 16 years, but the goddess SHK skin texture is still better than the PS, tease men of God or the skill properly properly. in addition to the skin itself, a good foundation, we all know that Korean artists on the skin is also very particular about following Xiaobian to teach you how to care for the daily skin care can help you develop a sister like Joe did not need PS natural beauty.

A goddess skin care tips: Cleansing Milk

Legend cleansing milk is royal wash method, because the milk contained substances which make the skin white. Kyo like to use milk to wash, she thinks more than milk can remove the skin and make the rough skin becomes smoother.

Xiao Bian Recommended: skim milk

Recommended reason: Any eligible brand milk can be used to wash your face, but fat milk might also clog pores, it is recommended to use skim milk addition, dried milk and then water wash, but also remember to thoroughly wash the face clean to prevent. the residue of milk still sticky on the face, easy to breed bacteria.

Goddess Skin Care Tip two: after-sun repair is critical

The pursuit of white skin is the relentless pursuit of Asian women Song Hye Kyo had complained often out shooting, can not stand long exposure to the skin, sunburn and also because once a retreat for some time has admitted in an interview:.. 'Sunburn is not terrible, I do not understand the terrible sun repair skin. '

Xiao Bian Recommended: Vichy sun repair milk

Recommended reason: fresh oil formulation, not sticky after using the skin can get immediate relief, restoring the natural balance of the skin 24 hours after use can be significantly calm, sunburn erythema produced will disappear...

Goddess Skin Care Tip three: eye care can not be ignored

SHK from high school to focus on eye care, eye cream to remove wrinkles and blemishes sure to rub sunscreen every day, every day to avoid the sun for a long time, occasionally apply some cream products, keep skin white and flawless.

Xiao Bian Recommended: Shiseido one hundred Youyou Eye Cream

Recommended reason: effective compact eye skin, improve eye contours, diminishes dark circles, bags under the eyes, moist eye skin, eyes sparkle remodeling.

Goddess Skin Care Tip Four: let the body and skin drink enough water

Speaking Tips SHK maintenance program in an interview, she admitted no taboo:.. 'In fact, want to maintain good skin, replenishment is critical I would drink a lot of water every day In addition, each week I'm going to sleep moisturizing mask will apply 2 or 3 times, so as not to let the skin dry, it will not be prone to the aging of the skin. '

Xiao Bian Recommended: Natural Church Snowy Icy Water

Recommended reason: Natural Church Snowy Icy water main raw material for the Himalayan glaciers and snow water ginseng extract, natural, gentle, small molecules of water ice with exceptional penetration and perfect preservation force, just a few drops can instantly moisturize facial skin to allow the skin for a long time to keep moist state.

Due to Icy water moisturizing effect is very good, in addition to routine as Toner trial, but also with a small amount of water ice muscle simple production DIY moisturizing paper mask, deposited by the next day, so that the skin easily say goodbye to dry. In addition, with its snowy same series moisturizer, versatile moisturizing, hydrating effect properly properly!

Goddess Skin Care Tip 5: a reasonable diet

Song Hye Kyo is the secret of the skin away from all adverse food, such as chocolate, cola, tea and other food and beverage irritating, she is determined not to touch. You can also recommend drinking skincare drinks such as ginseng tea and lemon juice, ginseng nutrient It can accelerate blood circulation, ruddy complexion effect, and lemon whitening effect. in addition, lack of sleep during filming, Song Hye Kyo will eat more fruits and vitamins to supplement the water, hoping to strengthen the inside to the outside of the whitening.

Xiao Bian Recommended: Apple Honey Strawberry Salad

Recommended reason: strawberries and apples which are rich in pectin, can clean stomach, bananas can be laxative, has a supporting role for the treatment of constipation, mix honey and milk, taste good, but also detoxifies the best. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 護膚有道,宋慧喬撩男神功力16年未減