"Star Citizen" single exposure mode

Updated: October 13, 2015  Views: 74

Sina game news October 13 message, << >> interstellar citizens recently exposed the game's single-player mode, '42 Squadron', while the game has reached the public to raise the amount to $ 92,357,319, is about to break $ 100 million, also to raise public players involved more than 100 million people.

<< >> Exposure interstellar citizens dimensional map has two billion cubic kilometers (1 million km * 1,000,000 km * 200,000 km, of which only have one trillion square kilometers of land area (in addition to the outer space, you can descend to the planet The land area.

StarCraft citizens

Single mode '42 Squadron' Trailer invited many famous film stars to motion capture, including Gary Oldman (the killer is not too cold << >>, << >> Harry Potter, Gillian Anderson ( << 2 >> Bean agents, << >> Hannibal, John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings << >>, << >> Crusade and Mark Hamill (Star Wars << >> Luke Skywalker actor and so on.

'42 squadron' not only has the main task to promote the story, there are many 'sandboxed' quests, but the work also has a dynamic of dialogue and reputation system.

Cloud Imperium Games recently announced << >> interstellar citizens alpha version 2.0, the game is expected to be officially listed in 2016.

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