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[Sina game Zhuangao reproduced please reference the original]

<< Uncharted: Drake Collection >> already on October 7 officially on sale, the official Chinese version launched simultaneously << Uncharted >> series PS3 platform since birth, has gradually developed into the flagship of Sony's first-party lineup After class game works, Naughty Dog in every game for the better development of the industry and the attitude to get the players recognized. enter new host generations, various engraved frequent heavy meal may already begin refrigeration feel Tired, but even if the same is cold rice, from the hands of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us << >> HD remake, in the integration of high-quality drama DLC, received a lot of praise after landing HD PS4 platform << Uncharted: Drake Collection >> can continue to follow this standard?

PS4 << Uncharted: Drake Collection >> Reviews

First impressions

+ Value of a price three masterpiece

+ Delicate full HD screen

+ Brand new series of the first generation

For those who complete the long-awaited new work, most people will start but for the first time << Uncharted: Drake Collection >> such a left-work, always make people feel hesitant, for playing on PS3 << Uncharted >> series had players especially from the cost point of view, << Uncharted: Drake Collection >> only the equivalent of the usual price of a game, including the << Uncharted >> So far three series works most exciting single player story mode. This discount was not enough cheaper?

PS4 << Uncharted: Drake Collection >> Reviews

Naughty Dog studio survey data show that 80% of the players have not come into contact with PS4 << Uncharted >> series, while Drake Collection << >> It is for these players to prepare for this series Played Games monarch, whether it is to relive or collections, such a value is not to be missed collection.

Let 1080P picture detail glance

HD heavy plate and other games, << Uncharted: Drake Collection >> The most obvious evolution is full HD 1080P 60 frames per second of the game screen on the original PS3's screen performance has been very good, in the PS4. After the higher resolution and frame rate, it is delicate and touching. Because the PS3 functional limitations, some details on the screen in the original done a very clever disguise, and in collection >> << Drake is no longer needed any cover, the screen also made anti-aliasing, you can clearly see all the details .60FPS smooth screen characters and scenes also let the game than the original with the feeling Gengshuang gaming experience.

<< Uncharted >> First-generation evolution is most evident

<< Uncharted >> series of real fame or because the award-winning Uncharted 2 << >> series of first generation because the screen and shooting touch and many other reasons has been considered almost a whole series of short board. And this time in < <Drake Collection >>, the evolution of the most obvious is the first generation of game the surface effects were redone, maps and more sophisticated model than the original, has not feel the first generation with respect to the rear for two The significant gaps. For those who want finished up the first generation of players who have absolutely no need to open your PS3, and co-concentrated HD remake of the first generation is your best choice.

Game Features

+ Operations have been adjusted to feel more comfortable

+ Through the beautiful scenery around the world

+ Rich collection of treasures and hidden elements

+ Detailed sound settings

- No multiplayer mode slightly regret

PS4 handle trigger to make shooting more comfortable

Naughty Dog PS3 even think of L2R2 trigger button design is more failure, so the PS3 Uncharted >> << three default key position in the design of fire in the L1 and R1, then it would be a helpless compromise .PS4 handle L2R2 trigger key feel has been dramatically improved, but also to Drake collection << >> in shooting battle feel assured.

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