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The mathematician to come out from the depths of the Qinling mountains, to the spirit of perseverance, perseverance and unwavering belief in the mathematical climb into mathematical techniques winding road.

Spring day in 2015, Xi'an Jiaotong University campus blooming flowers, blooming cherry linger in students and teachers to spend between trees Road in school studying for nearly 40 years, Xu Zongben academicians, quietly sitting in the office at the moment is deduced calculus mathematical formulas, until scientific << China Daily >> reporter's visit to him from esoteric mathematical world back to the cherry blossom beautiful campus.

In fact, from the depths of the Qinling mountain out of a mathematician whose life experiences are a reflection of luster, more beautiful than cherry --1987 doctorate of Science, Xi'an Jiaotong University, to become China's 'Cultural Revolution' First Training Dr. computing mathematics in 2008, won the highest award China applied mathematics - Buchin applied Mathematics Prize in 2010, he was invited as a special report in 45 minutes on the World Congress of mathematicians, becoming Hua, Wu Wenjun, Chen's, Feng Kang, after Zhang Gongqing, Franco, Tian Gang, Peng Ge, Guo Lei, one of the few to be invited to the mainland mathematician, Chinese Academy of Sciences elected in 2011, 2014, with his theory of the world's first demonstration prototype sparse microwave imaging successful test flight.

Perseverance, the door into the application of pure mathematics

2011 Winter in Xi'an Jiaotong University, taught for 35 years of his life Xu Zongben ushered in two 'events': First elected to Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi'an Jiaotong University, became the first academicians of science, the second is the establishment of Xi'an Jiaotong University 'Mathematics and Statistics College 'Mathematics finally ushered to achieve leapfrog development opportunities.

Xu Zongben most delight was the establishment of the School of Mathematics and Statistics, because it means: Mathematics, Xi'an Jiaotong University in such a comprehensive research university with a tradition of engineering advantage to give priority to the development and focus on building.

Exploring the road of Mathematics and Applied combining Xuzong this trek has been for over 30 years. This is not only to have enough self-confidence to the research, the most important thing is to be able to withstand long-term loneliness and failed again and again. 'This has long been engaged things that you will be taking a big risk that there may not be successful, the whole process is full of ordinary people difficult to understand suffering. 'Xu Zongben deep experience.

Because there is always accompanied by the risk of 'failure', he once thought himself likely 'die in' adhere to the road. 'I insist that the value is to allow those who have been walking in the scientific way people see hope, especially to make mathematics a number of areas of application do people insist on seeing success. 'Zongben Xu said,' in fact, in mathematics there are many people still insist on walking on the road application, regardless of success or failure, as long as adhere to their own research and to work hard, they are It is successful. '

In 1987, Xu Zongben up to 200-page doctoral thesis << monotonous image and construct approximate equations solvability theory >> to rigorous reasoning, unique creative, sophisticated algorithm caused a sensation in the field of functional analysis, was then think in terms of thinking, or in the theoretical framework, are beyond the same type of work at home and abroad counterparts. these excellent deep theoretical foundation for his later research paid off in the relevant mathematical theory, machine learning, and achieve systemic innovations lay a solid foundation.

Based on the mathematical basis of in-depth study and keen insights, Xu Zongben discovered and proven machine learning 'Xu - Roach 'theorem to solve the ANN and Simulated Evolutionary Computation some difficult theoretical problems.

20 years, 'Xu - Roach' Theorem is continually widely used mathematical analysis, machine learning, approximation theory and cybernetics have been 117 SCI papers as Lemma applications in Africa and Europe to become the framework of machine learning research one of the basic analysis tools.

He also relevant mathematical theory, machine learning field made a series of innovations, such as the proposed sparse information processing L (1/2) regularization theory, provides an important basis for the new sparse microwave imaging system is used in radar data acquisition, is the use of national security major basic research projects, and play an important role in the military detection, Earth remote sensing and other major national demand applications and the like.

Perseverance, honed to become spiritual source make life

On the road leading to the realm of mathematics, Xu Zongben rough life honed as his mathematical difficulties overcome spiritual source.

In 1955, Xu Zongben born in the depths of the Qinling Zhashui Phoenix town of Three Mile Gap, is the fifth child of the family father is an old Chinese and his mother was a great lady, very focused on their children's education. However, this had a happy family at the 'Cultural Revolution', it did miscarriages of justice, the family experienced a raid, denounced discrimination torment. in tribulation, Xu Zongben learned self-reliance, 5-year-old bedridden mother began to long to cook, and into the village primary school, one way to school every day to catch 3 in the mountain, while breakfast is a tear in the water after eating persimmon eleven, he began to seek redress for his father clerical policy implementation complaint. childhood hardships, creating a hard Xu Zongben extraordinary perseverance. therefore, it is possible for him to learn has become one of the most pleasant thing.

In 1973, 18-year-old Xu Zongben entered Northwestern University to study mathematics, three years after being assigned to the Xi'an Jiaotong University to teach. In the next youth years, Xu Zongben although the university teachers, but still like schoolboys restrain himself to keep learning math major undergraduate courses.

In 1978, Xu Zongben participate in China's first batch of graduate examinations, apply for 'Prince of Mathematics' ChenJingRun graduate, the result is unable to do so this setback great influence on him, he was deeply aware of:. 'Doing research is a profound knowledge of the process ., especially in mathematics this basic course, if there is no accumulation of solid, scientific research is very difficult to produce results, 'for which he resolutely determined to set himself' five iron law ': First steadfastness study, research, and second, with nothing to do all you do not want to learn, the third is physical exercise, maintain strong energy, Fourth regulate nutrition, active living, Fifth, pay attention to ideological training, do not give up nor pride.

These five 'iron law', a Zongben Xu insisted that persist for decades in the day to day, he savor a personal hygiene sentiment:. 'As long as there is a firm determination to know what distance the other side is that there must be the ability to reach the other side. '' sow behavior, you can harvest the habit, the habit of planting, you can reap a character, sow character, fate can be harvested. '' a person in the course of efforts may fail, but failure does not mean never, if we continue, We can be successful. '

Firm, with words and deeds to build team spirit

Xu Zongben scholarship has its own 'personality', led the team also has its own 'way,' he often said:. 'The same is to do science, why not be the most valuable it should be combined with national needs, scientific research needed? high-quality, high-quality. 'Therefore, he' determined, direction, quality, excellence 'to encourage research teams and students on how to succeed.

Currently, the team Institute for Information and System Science Xu Zongben is located, it is a has more than 40 members of the 'family.' As a team leader, he considered the most fundamental thing is to pay more attention to the growth of others, give people more multi-development opportunities around Xu Zongben thus creating numerous 'team spirit': to do research has a strong interdisciplinary team, do have a like-minded executive management team.

However, Xu Zongben team work and learning can not be easy, because the team has not only discipline but also 'can tolerate stupidity, laziness must not be tolerated.' Xu Zongben himself says it will do, but also set an example, strict demands on themselves with words and deeds s student.

Students handed in papers, no matter how busy, he repeated carefully modified, five or six times to modify the paper from start to finish are considered small, it is said there are up to 30 times of change. In order to avoid a failure of the paper due to get away with a variety of reasons, he often through the night for the students to revise their papers the next day when a change too crowded 'beyond recognition,' the paper on the front of the students, the students very well, dark determined to study hard, strict demands on themselves.

Xu Zongben in this way to show his students scholarship: adhere to professional ethics, not any students, 'water', 'paper as a student, must be observed if the quality and quantity of education and thus one 'drainage'. then our country will go in the future? 'Xu Zongben said.

From out of the depths of the Qinling mountains Xu Zongben, full of gratitude, always keep in mind social return. When he was elected academician, throughout the world disciples unspeakable joy, have fund-raising congratulations, he puts those shown with funds donated to schools established 'Xi'an Jiaotong University applied Mathematics paper Award' to encourage innovative research in occasion of 60th birthday, he made a meaningful thing - call the family and the student, the organization and the establishment of 'wings of hope Education Fund', the annual money to help two college 'mountains baby 'to achieve college dreams. in this way he expected back Qinling home parenting, so that more people like him,' the mountains baby 'relying on the knowledge to change fate.

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