World Photography - sharing such a beautiful prairie, would be reluctant to go to the

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Chile Chuan, Yinshan,

Days like Qiong Lu, cage cover fieldwork.

Green and wild and fog,

Wind-swept pastures of cows and sheep.

This is the Xianbei ancestors on grassland carols,

Vast grasslands make people feel good,

Prairie pure divine calm people,

Magnificent grasslands people emotionally.

Grassland is the beginning of a dream

Endless inspire me

Forget faltering early heart

Grassland is the heart of the inn

I rushed to greet passing incentives

Never stop walking difficult

Grassland is a hotbed of love

Rain moisten my sunshine

Intersection of life and never hesitated

Grassland is the heart of the sun and moon

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Traditional Chinese: 世界攝影地理--分享這麽美的草原,來了就不願走了