NEXON NCsoft sold all of the shares

Updated: October 19, 2015  Views: 67

Recently, NEXON announced to sell all the shares held by NCsoft of these stocks accounted for 15.08% NCsoft total shares, valued at 605.1 billion won.

It is reported that, NEXON sold by these 3,306,897 shares, 44 million shares were Jinze Chen NCsoft president to personally buy, thus Jinze Chen NCsoft shares shareholding proportion reached 12%, while the remaining shares .NEXON aspect yet to be announced, he said the whereabouts of selling shares is due to the dispute between the parties resulting in business.

However, industry analysts believe, NEXON sold all the shares NCsoft, probably, and earlier this year the two companies have a relationship pinch frame. NEXON was trying to take advantage of the large number of shares of NCsoft, NCsoft management to intervene, but was refused NCsoft , bringing the two friendly and cooperative relationship breakdown into the Cold War period.

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