Oral: marry "rich second generation" I have been very sad

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Liu Sha talk:

25 years old, I passed the civil service, by virtue of their superior experience and previously accumulated paperwork looks soon became everyone's eyes I recognized the beauty plus talented woman, did not take long for the entry reputation, more and more suitors . mom would have on law considerations will be very tough, I always wanted to get married in, but I pay more attention to each other's character, after all, not movie stars because they lack the flagship influential people, of course, I and I did not want to so early to talk about a boyfriend.

Mom wants to see me become the woman left, so in this regard than I am anxious, often nagging me, 'and again, a good man is gone!' In fact, I knew my mother said 'good man' What does it mean, but those rich pies I really can not accept. seeing again one year later, I was invited to attend a high-level business forum, met Lei Shen, I do not know him, but we recognize a glass of wine, a dance, a greeting, after the end of the forum, we exchanged contact information. Shen Lei my original feeling that looks stylish and handsome, Tantubusu, with Yang Fan children, we can see him After living abroad.

Marriage, his meticulous

Soon we will have a second interview, the location is the Asian Games Village Cafe Continental Grand Hotel, I often go to this place in the past, to discuss with the client program I particularly like to come to this place, it is recommended to Shen Lei I am very happy to be here to accept, this meeting we talked a lot, which confirms my judgment of his life abroad, Shen Lei said: 'I followed his uncle living in the United States for a few years, or two years ago, had just returned recently tangled in what is their own business, or to inherit the family business. 'his great idea, but I do not do business on-line, but for the domestic market macro conditions, as well as existing laws and regulations I compare the line, because no matter Shen Lei future is to inherit the family business these more or less their own business or to help some of his conversation between us we have finally reached the meeting point.

After review by the mother, we have established a relationship, during which my Shen Lei said with meticulous care can be described, but also the performance of rich kids never in front of my pride, I quickly fell in love with him at the hotel open house we started living together. I count the time from recognizing and Shen Lei engagement had not been married a year.

After marriage, he Nose bridge vertical head

I and many of my friends Shen Lei said combination is a natural fit that we are not married, but regarded Love In The City. Shen Lei that meet standards in line with my spouse nag Zexu requirements, but soon after marriage Shen Lei capricious change compared to before marriage is almost 180 degrees. after six months of marriage, I was like a haggard withered flowers.

Shen Lei is a treasure in the eyes of my grandmother, so I Shen Lei did not say what, after all, her mother was younger, she was also aware of what we are asked not trouble between the? Look at me prevarication, she assured me that Lei Shen childhood spoiled by everyone, say things are very headstrong, he made me more tolerant, more so with him. I nodded silently, his heart was very wronged, I married give a man or a child? I try not to think scold and violence Shen Lei Shen Lei, like school children, I need to take care of everything for him life matters very little time for myself, so often you have to go to attend makeup crowded bus, sometimes rainy day I want Shen Lei gave me a ride, he would call all the way, then I simply do not ask him. I can not find any of these people crying, because it is I chose marriage ah, despite some reluctance in life, but I wiped away tears every day, the human predecessors, I have strong cracks a smile, he tried to meet Shen Lei, let all praise him handsome personable.

Thought a long time, this painful run-in period will be over, may last month, Shen Lei suddenly declared that 'they have to go abroad for further studies, the time may be a year maybe two years.' Her mother do not agree Shen Lei practice, that he not leave the house too seriously, especially now himself married at least keep his wife have a discussion, but my grandmother always thought his grandson doing is right. Gannu confused mother is afraid statement.

That day, I was really unable to bear Lei Shen asked: 'Where in the end I was wrong, and you do this to me?' Shen Lei and impatient, saying 'the line when things turn me! you take care of it? ', and then thrown out the door bang three days without return, then I find that our marriage is just a shell without temperature.

After the pregnancy, he curses Lengyan

Shen Lei in my marriage and our increasingly disappointed when I actually have a reaction, I'm pregnant after inspection, this is my long-awaited child, but whether this is a blessing or a curse I'm not sure.

After returning home, I will discuss and Shen Lei 'For this child go abroad if you can postpone it?' Unexpectedly, and Lei Shen was sarcastic comments 'This child is mine?', This time at her grandmother finally did speak for Shen Lei 'you bastard, you will tell the people, let grandma sound pleasing to the ear point?' I see Shen Lei simply did not do his father's passion, what I say, he is one of a 'no', he that attitude once again deeply hurt me, I feel that their patience has bottomed out, so simply pick up a bit of clothing, a person back to her family. mother advised me to go back, to go back but how to do it? I did not Shen Lei will be expected to show up, but finally the father sent the driver to take me back home when her parents left her mother cry, though I said nothing to tell her mother, but the mother must have seen my life's not comfortable.

After dinner, I again tried to look good communication and Shen Lei, 'today we no noise no trouble, you talk about this child.' Shen Lei before I finish on his face irritability, training and preparation me one: ' students are not born with you, there is nothing to discuss, which so much nonsense! 'my heart instantly dropped to freezing point,' Shen Lei, you're a jerk! 'my last only so long grudges sentence, but this one also enough.

The next day I said to her mother, 'I am ready to destroy this child, and to Lei and Shen divorce, because he was not even the most basic respect did not.' Did not say a word to her mother for a long time, staring at me, ' mom you'd have a word with you! '' you let me say what? I know you're bitter, you can no longer have children forbearance will be good. 'I also thought about trying to go in the right direction, there is a child, would be an emotional support, perhaps Shen Lei will be change, but the marriage really let me know what, I really regret marrying such a 'rich second generation'!

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