Indulge hand travel caused by the tragedies

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The day after tomorrow (October 1, 2015 a non-holiday weekend last year will begin, for many office workers, may tomorrow already embarked on a journey home. Great friends kids all together, happy to play, and now natural is also inseparable from hand tour. Having said this, we are during the summer, it reported multiple causes lead to overindulgence hand travel community news, such as over-consumption, stealing a cell phone or some health problems.

Holidays approaching, we think it is also necessary to set out a summary of some representative events, more crucially, draw some conclusions have preventive and positive way, I hope a similar tragedy can be reduced as much as possible.

The first category: financial security

'Financial security' is relatively more common type, mostly young children is still no clear concept of money, lack of consumer restraint, more likely to be attracted to the virtual world of big money, while parents themselves have no financial adequate protection that gives children 'can take advantage of the machine.'

Typical Case

<< 15-year-old hand-tour break to spend large sums of money a month parents Audi Q5 >>

According to China after Jiangsu Network reported that in July this year, 15-year-old boy Xiao Xu contact with a mobile game, quickly addicted. Play a few days, in order to allow yourself to become more 'strong' in the game, Xiao Xu I want to buy some equipment. before he thought of his mother to help bind off Alipay bank card, well aware of these passwords. so the first time he secretly transferred out of 3,000 yuan.

After buying some equipment, with the level in the game more and more, to turn away from a steady stream of small Xu mother's card will be money. In this way, in just less than a month's time, Xiao Xu from the mother's card turn away a total of 305,900 yuan, until August 2, we need Miss Qian Dexu Cary money only to find themselves actually were missing it.

Suck money hand travel

<< Anti-fire security bear children 12-year-old parkour hand travel Khorium 8000 >>

Bank cards and passwords are in their own hands, in the case of no consumption, but was somehow turn away 8,000 yuan, who lives in the town of Huian net peak Akashi puzzling, I had the police for help.

According to all indications, the police thought Akashi 12-year-old son. 'Games are basically going to be charged, we call parents to ask children there to play games.' In Akashi repeatedly asked his son finally admitted Card payments on the purchase of equipment game when playing games cool running turn away. it turned out that Kang worry about child summer vacation to the beach to play, put the phone showed him the child, who knows kids are obsessed with cool running game. bear children pretty 'smart', so after each game, he put the bank fees to delete messages until September 4, Kang received a message from the Bank of consumer records. 'information shows that I have no money Cary a. 'Mr. Kang said,' kids with Alipay and verification code, although the bank card password, but he enter the verification code, transfer the money directly deducted. '

'Symptoms' of:

Reason on the surface, is still in infant children have no clear concept of money, lack of consumer restraint, more likely to be attracted to the virtual world of big money, but these people are a common phenomenon in the child stage, there are lawyers said minors without the consent of the guardian, consumer behavior can be carried out through legal channels refund, but this is a theoretical argument, in fact, how the success of the burden of proof is often a major difficulty.

So, instead of thinking about the success rate of undecided 'too late', as in the source control to make us want to talk about is the question for parents to protect their own property we again list the following four safety recommendations:

1, perhaps a complete ban on children in contact phone / tablet is not the reality, at least the device to flight mode, but this is not foolproof, users had to reflect that his son has been known to cancel flight mode, so if you can ensure that the regulatory the child every mobile phone usage behavior, you can consider 'just open the flight mode,' in addition, if the conditions allow it, only to let the children try contacting plate without touching the phone, but flat as possible and do not bind any personal account information .

2. If your device may be used by young children have, in any case do not bind the 'fast pay', after all, and then close supervision, will inevitably happen, 'imperfection', it is better to make a ban from the source, in addition, need He emphasized that the parents once bound 'fast pay', the default will be deemed to have authorized the child to consume,

For the family of the father of young children, 'fast pay' caution opening

3, if possible, try to pay the account is not tied to any tablet device (that is, even 'the bill' does not exist to the use of children, rather than their own cell phone. Do not underestimate a child's 'magical wand' the paper mentioned the children, the parents write down every minute of payment password,

4. For Android device users, we recommend grasp revoke privileges of each application, which application may call notification messages, which applications can call a phone contact, and so on, some Android phone comes with this arrangement, while others require a third-party the phone housekeeper software for strict control authority, not only for their own property, but also in the country there are many channels Andrews 'Black Hand tour', ensure the phone away from viruses, bad software.

Here, we would like to remind a more special case, that is before the second case, Chen encountered 'password leak' problem. His son was intentional and observe parents secretly record password is known, human curiosity and memory at this age tend to be the strongest, so it seems, is best not to be in front of their children password-related operations in the phone.

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