26.3 billion yuan to build the capital of international talent in Hong Kong

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 25

WASHINGTON reporters Langsha reported: the Chinese COSDF leading construction of the 'Capital International Talent Port' project launched recently in Beijing Tongzhou District, the project will take 'community-led, government guidance, enterprise operation' model, is expected. joint investment 26.3 billion yuan to build high-level international talent innovation and entrepreneurship platform. Beijing will 'international talent Harbor' construction work in Zhongguancun deepening reform and opening as the first pilot for collaborative innovation and development of Beijing, Tianjin and provide personnel support and intellectual support.

According to the Chinese overseas talent Development Foundation chairman Marvin & P reports, the Foundation will advance the canal in Beijing, a prosperous economy and a higher degree of openness of the region prior to the Gulf of Shenzhen, Zhuhai Hengqin Hill Great Layout 'international talent in Hong Kong', to create an international personnel freedom of movement 'soft port', adsorption and distribution of resources inside and outside innovation 'transit station.' Among them, the Capital International Talent port construction project first started. Positioning 'international talent harbor' is to build an international platform for innovation and entrepreneurial talent, cooperation and exchange platform to create service platform, by creating a unique environment, create special platform, pilot special policies, provides a unique service, making it burst of vitality, a beautiful environment, human longing for a new campus and international talent Heights. Key construction projects have Rencaigang Venture University, China Talent Development Bank, China talent industry funds. It is understood that the Foundation is the only organization for global talent public funds raised by the Central United Front Work Department in charge.

Project started the meeting, Beijing Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Li Shixiang said that Beijing, Tianjin and major national strategy to promote collaborative development, implementation and other innovation-driven, international talent is a priority, long-term needs. Develop international human resources, building technological innovation core center, is the key to the capital 'urban disease' crack. Beijing needs of international talent is the eternal desire of talents door is open.

Start the meeting, Chinese overseas talent Development Foundation and Beijing Qihoo Technology Co., Ltd. [microblogging], China Poly Group Limited, Career International Human Resource Co., Emori Development Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement into the territory. According to reports, 'the capital of international talent in Hong Kong' will focus on pre-layout, 'a Hong Kong three parks,' including the construction of the 'Network Security Valley', 'health of the financial district,' 'talent Industrial District' and the five leading projects.

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