Our host the first international anti-aging industry forum

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 59

Newspaper Emeishan October 19 electrical reporter Li Shugui report: 2015 China's first international anti-aging Emei Mid-Levels Qiliping Health Industry Development Forum by the National Development and Reform Commission International Cooperation Center hosted Qiliping in Emei Mid-Levels 18 to 22 October International anti-aging health industry held in the test area.

Experts and scholars from China, the United States, Italy, South Korea and other countries and regions, focused on the core issues of anti-aging health industry, the latest trends around the 'world forefront of biomedical and anti-aging,' 'biological aging combined with Chinese anti-aging - Anti-Science Aging Revolution 'two major themes, and' biological aging and domestic and foreign clinical application of stem cells, '' Chinese anti-aging and biological aging combination 'and other issues were discussed ductility, authoritative experts at home and abroad to provide professional and detailed explanations and sharing, enhancing cognitive anti-aging health industry and promote interoperability within the industry. In addition, the site also shows Chinese medicine anti-aging products and results.

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