Today's hand tour: childlike, "Tom Cat motorboat"

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I believe we will not be talking Tom Cat << >> (Talking Tom Cat), the game was strange. The game is not only to entertain everyone as electronic pet, its unique setting was also the player with the imitation of the sound Tucao come roaring game developer Outfit7 also against TOM cat launched a series content, the recent launch of the new work << >> Tom Cat motorboat is a very suitable for low-age children to try parkour works.

Players will operate Tom Cat powerboat driving Mercedes in the sea, but the track is filled with many obstacles, such as rocks, buoys, players need considerable reaction speed to dodge these obstacles, in addition to the need to collect scattered in the track stars to raise scores. To make gameplay more abundant, the game added to the mission system, players can get related games props and unlock more games are played through the task.

If you simply look at the game as a child, may be able to play this for the purpose of the exercise to reflect, but for years less a large group of players, the content is clearly insufficient. Game scene is always in the sea without any change, watermelons, bananas and other embellishment elements Although the image of cute, but the face of the infinite repetition of scene setting, over difficult freshness will inevitably decline. Game task set is using the infinite continuity setting, after players complete three tasks, basically no Tip the contents of the follow-up task, the task box is needed to see the view point of the player manually. As the stars of the collection, purpose weaker. In addition to the so-called reward than doubled, the game itself does not actually influence, such as the role unlock line image, or purchase a new motorboat shape and the like.

Recommendations of the group of players younger than, another reason for this recommendation is to make a collection of different video game TOM cat fun video site for players to enjoy. If you are very fond of TOM cat may wish to download a free trial.

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Genre: Parkour Leisure

Application platform: IOS

Tom Cat motorboat single + Parkour + Leisure + Bus Size: 77.2 MB | Price: Free | Whether insourcing: 97,973 is to go to iTunes to download exclusive packs 6.2

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