Offering ten XboxOne not exclusive games

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At the end of the game craze has arrived, XboxOne and PS4 platform has a variety of masterpiece turns the stage, especially in the late and early next year, Microsoft is preparing a variety of exclusive masterpiece of XboxOne, including halo 5 << >>, << Tomb Raider rise >> and so on. Here we are together at the breakdown of the 10 upcoming sale Xbox exclusive games.

<< Aura 5: Keeper (Halo 5: Guardians) >>

1 << aura 5: Keeper (Halo 5: Guardians) >>

Release date: October 27, 2015

Legendary aura << >> series after more than 10 years, spanning three generations of the host. This took three years to create the aura 5 << >> << halo >> is another series of games for the Xbox platform provides This added a new role as Detective John Locke (Agent Locke), he was a chase with the pace of the super soldier Master Chief. In addition, the game has 20 maps and a new multiplayer for the theater (including PvP and PvE can accommodate 24 players to play against, that is, 12V12. To make the theater mode is more to the fore, 343 is quite hard. I believe such a series of games will be outstanding representatives after the sale to show a good market performance.

<< >> Pre-Keeper aura 5 Chinese informative summary

<< >> Sina Keeper aura 5 Games Chinese thematic station

Forza: Horizon 3

2 << Forza: Horizon 3 (Forza Horizon 3) >>

On sale: Maybe in 2016, the specific time to be determined

To be honest, this work has so far not announced any information. But because of the huge success of its predecessor made with high returns, almost certainly for the release of the new studio will be just around the corner .Playground also said, 'In order to be able to let the series maintained, and have developed a higher level of the game, << Forza: Horizon 3 >> is very possible, 'also, as they say, in order to successfully advance the game to the next-generation platform, the screen. effect, the overall system and game experience must be enhanced in order to ensure that players can feel more realistic simulation racing game. Fans please wait patiently!

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Knoxville program (Project: Knoxville)

3 << Knoxville program (Project: Knoxville). >>

Release date: TBD

Microsoft's new work studio Press Play will be a third-person action game that supports online multiplayer. Interestingly, the work was born from the player to collect their voting results. The inspiration is derived from the now global epidemic two program < > And << Hunger Games (The Hunger Games >> the game there is a very unique setting: the soul mode (Afterlife Mode, all dead players can enter this mode to continue the game.

Tomb Raider: The Rise (

4 << Tomb Raider: Rise (Rise Of The Tomb Raider) >>

Release Date: November 10, 2015

Tomb Raider is exploration << >> series will never change, but also an essential topic. Developers Crystal Dynamics also said that this will have more than its predecessor, as the number of players in front of the tomb, labor Pull will embark on an unprecedented difficult journey in this work in the Xbox platform exclusive sale << Tomb Raider: The Rise >> joined the classic action scenes, can explore the place three times larger than its predecessor protagonist Laura motion capture and more precise and meticulous, his facial expression node up to 7000, the developer also uses a 3D model of the node positioning technology in order to more realistic picture.

Experience meticulous << Tomb Raider: The Rise of the latest complete checkpoint show >>

Official confirmation << Tomb Raider: The Rise >> containing Chinese dubbing


5. < >

Release date: TBD

Microsoft's E3 conference, New Zealand producers Aurora44 announced that it will launch a new third-person ARPG game < > Language player in the game despite a barren land, but the game is focus on the relationship between you and the other actors established. We can say that this is a 'passive multiplayer game.' Mean, The other players in the game will be a NPC-style character to appear in your world, and you can choose as partners with him or kill him, and so on. Plot details are still waiting for you to slowly experience, I hope this independent Games can bring you an unforgettable adventure.

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