CPPCC forum that the Chinese economy in a positive factor in the increase

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 43

Remittance Network October 19 hearing - Xinhua News Agency on Monday (October 19) reported that third quarter 2015 CPPCC macroeconomic situation analysis symposium was held in Beijing on the 19th the participants that, at present, China's economic trends slow the trend. steady, steady for the better, but a steady difficult, on the whole more opportunities than challenges, the economic operation of the positive factors are increasing, some indicators appear strong, stable economic fundamentals have not changed, can be shaped fluctuations, the potential remains for the better .

Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, CPPCC Vice Chairman Du Qinglin, CPPCC Vice Chairman, Chairman of the National Federation of Wang Qinmin attended the meeting.

The meeting analyzed the macroeconomic situation in the third quarter of 2015, on steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, benefit people's livelihood, preventing risks, and promote the sustained and healthy economic development suggestions.

At the forum, 宁吉 Zhe, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, the State Statistics Bureau Deputy Director Jia Nan introduced the general situation of the national economy in the third quarter. CPPCC member Li Yining, Li, Zhu, Chen Xiwen, Yi Gang, BaiChongEn, Yang Kaisheng , Jia Kang, Huang Shuhe, Liu Shucheng, as well as other experts and scholars Zhang Liqun analysis of the overall macroeconomic situation and on for some time to promote stable and healthy development of national economy put forward opinions and suggestions.

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